Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yama And Moo

Hey people,
This is short from void films and framebox and from a talented artist Hormaz Baria. Had an opportunity to work with him earlier. Any way take a look at this.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Weight Lift"

hai gyz..
my sem2 weight lift assignment... This is the time for me to sit n work on the corrections... so will be eagerly waiting for it...(C&C's)

Thank u.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reach Short film

Hey folks,
One of the greatest short movie by a animation mentor student. Simple, metaphoric and beautiful story telling. Overall mind blowing. Must watch.


Saturday, May 23, 2009

dapoon character animation demo reel 2009

hey guys i'm FINALLY a takshaa graduate!!! i must say it's been an AWESOME AWESOME experience learning animation from some of the VERY best in the industry! a big hearty thanks to all u guys too for ur unparalleled support, especially my parents and my sis, they've always been by my side and have always believed in me!

well here's my animation demo reel that consists of my better student work. while i STILL have to polish all my work, i sure had a BLAST working on every piece!! do leave your comments and critiques!


p.s. btw recently there was a contest by takshaa on facebook! i participated and guess what... i WON!!! the iPOD is all mine!!! :D

takshaa student showreel 2008

hey u guys! check out this cool showreel done by the students of takshaa! some awesome stuff!! (btw they've put my work too!!) ^_^

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tapori (hindi dialogue)!!

hey monsters!! what's up?? just done with my 2nd lipsync animation!
damn i just FREAKED out on this one!! right from conceptualization to the end, i loved working on this piece! not too much of a story here... just wanted to show two people talking. i also wanted to do some subtle acting this time. it's also the first ever time i animated a hindi dialogue, so it was an enormous challenge working on it! indian acting is definitely something we shud all try... it's a whole new world of acting choices!!! i really learnt a lot from this! do check it out and pour in ur c&c.

this is also officially my LAST assignment in takshaa! my my, how time flies!! :D

i must take this opportunity to THANK ALL OF YOU for your never ending support. it's only because of you guys i cud improve so far!! really thanks a lot guys! :)

all i'm waiting for now is the ANIMATION JURY on 23rd may! fingers crossed! :D

p.s. btw for those who dont understand the language, lemme translate it.

the first guy,"you know that meena from cheekuwadi?? the other evening she was passing by nautan lane. i asked her right then and there... you wanna marry me??"

the second guy,"what happened next??"

the first guy,"what could happen?? she SLAPPED me with her sandal!!"

they both start laughing!

Friday, May 15, 2009

nina paley "Fetch" (DUCK Studios)

prasad's post really took me back to those nina paley days!! there was a time i was going CRAZY about her work. i still am! she's really one of my inspirations! one of my wishes is to meet her someday!

here's another awesome video i had watched over and over again of nina paley. i love the abstraction in this one!! and it has only 4 simple characters to deal with: a man, a dog, a ball and a line. check it out!

Sita Sings The Blues !

Nina Paley, using 'Creative Commons license' is allowing people to watch her indi film "Sita Sings The Blues" .Don't loose this chance and go watch it, you can download it in various formats and sizes (including HD, use a nice download manager for this ! ) from here. It's said she have completed it alone in a small apartment, with very limited funding's ! But, just a word of caution, keep your mind and heart open while watching this film, and don't watch if you are a Hindu Extremist ! For me it was nice experience, just don't want it to show to my mother :) Go watch !

Thursday, May 14, 2009


...ha ha Some crap i did. flash. entirely spontaneous stuff..580 frames in 6 hours..No thoughts,No planning, No artificial flavors involved. free flow of mind , a lil bad mood ...and some flashcs3 :)

" And the Nightmares are back... i really thought she had left me for good, then... i think i was wrong... i run and run amok.. they still chase me like there is no tommorow...i flee to escape... but the impetus is so hard that it pushes me over the edge... "

".....but who am i fooling... no wonder even when i travel across seven lands, your love looks upon me like death... i don't want to bear your love and live till i age and wither off... let me be crucified... for you and millions of other unrequited love... "

lemme know if u like it :) i don't mind if u don't :D it's nothing great :D

Squirrely Rig by Josh Burton

Squirrely Obstacle Course Part 1 from Josh Burton on Vimeo.

woaah looks cool to me. You folks take a look.Thnx jean dennis for the link.

Rig :


Monday, May 11, 2009

Low Oxygen( Calarts student Film)

Low Oxygen from Dylan Forman on Vimeo.

Simply Awesome used Flash, Photoshop and After is the link for this guy blog

Sunday, May 10, 2009

FJORG 2009 demo reel AWESOME!!

guys u hafta get a load of this!! these guys have submitted a reel for FJORG 2009 competition (aka Iron Animator Event ) and it's AWEEEEESOME!! i love the idea and the execution! i'll never wash my eyes again!! :O

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mono Acting

Hey guys, 

Found 1 of my old, 1st mono acting video. Was really funny to watch it :]

Check this out :] comments on this please....

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Making of zoozoo

Hey folks,
Who have been watching IPL and the super awesome vodafone ads must be wondering who did those ads. I love the ads, simple and sweet. And i was thought i was animated and was looking for the studio who made it. When i found the info, I was shocked to know it wasnt animated. I flipped ! You guys gotto to check out these ads if u havent and the making.

Heres the making :


Saturday, May 2, 2009

pixar library

Alll right i think its time i share this site with u alll..ever wondered how pixar made stuff

well i found this site long time back n had forgotten about it..hehe...saw it again in my bookmark today :P i still dont know what its all about..i still have to go through it
Check it out
Pixar Library

hope u enjoy it ;p