Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reach Short film

Hey folks,
One of the greatest short movie by a animation mentor student. Simple, metaphoric and beautiful story telling. Overall mind blowing. Must watch.



Dapoon said...

that was beautiful!

although i cud predict the end, the WAY they showed it was marvelous! i also love it when animators use such simple characters (with no mouth or eyes) and make them act convincingly! i think THAT'S the true test of an animator!

the bird reminded me of the one in "a bug's life" though! :D

once again, INSPIRING WORK!! thanks for sharing! ^_^

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

loved it!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

loved it!

Prasad said...

Yep, concept was slightly cliched ...trying to be free and all ...but animation was nicely executed, no doubt about that ...thanks for posting it !