Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yama And Moo

Hey people,
This is short from void films and framebox and from a talented artist Hormaz Baria. Had an opportunity to work with him earlier. Any way take a look at this.



Prasad said...

Great animation and nice concept too ! ...this is surely going to help make Indian animation industry prominent ...this again reminds me of 'something' we monsters are wiling to do !!!

Prasad said...

Pardon my spelling (it's worst when a small Indian kid wins the international spelling competition) ..."...we monsters are willing (not wiling)to do !!!

Deepak Arasu said...

Nice one :]

Dapoon said...

haha nice concept! execution cud've been a TAD bit better though! it's just me, but i felt at some places the humour was being forced! loved the cow! :D

good job frameboxxers!! :)

damncreative said...

true dapoon. It could ve been executed much better. But ne way its good to see original stuff