Thursday, January 31, 2008

WIP - "The Preformance" a shot gag for Ballman and Ballman interaction test animation

Bonjour Monsters,

Your C&C on this test animation. Your comments will help, when i rework on this animation soon. Its a WIP and i have plans of changing a lot of things in this short gag. But for now Ill be submitting it as this semesters WIP final submissions.

Happy animating!


No quarter !

(Embedded video was giving some problem so removed it...use the link below to see the animation)

This is the example of how snappy a animation can be made...just for our inspiration...see the animation...

Monday, January 28, 2008


Hi Monster Buddies,

This is the final version of my Weight Lift. I have worked very hard on it and put lots of efforts hope you all like it.

Critics and comments welcome!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Push for critics.

I was little lazy to touch this but finally some update. please give C&C.


Dial. For critics.

Hi all.
please give C&C. I just have hit the spline mode. Before moving ahead I want to show you people.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Interview with Manu Ittina

Name : Manu Ittina
Studio : Worked as animator in PDI dreamworks, Right now the Founder/Director of Ittina
Animation Studios Pvt Ltd
Hometown : Bangalore/India
Site : Http://
Studio : Http://

Happy birthday and welcome to animation monsters

: Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mond Momelo: What makes you laugh the most

: Hahahahahahahaha

: ...... Huh ... ?

Mond Momelo went to scare Manu Ittina on his birthday and ended up in an interview.

Mond Momelo: What makes you laugh the most

Mond Momelo: What makes you laugh the most?

Mond Momelo: What makes you laugh the most

Manu: Funny thing... (smiles) If you're talking about movies it's very hard to say since it depends on my mood, but I like anything that is well crafted, I love things that have different layers to it and not just very bland movies…I hate lazy ones, when I feel the film maker has not put in enough effort into thinking about the movie, I don’t really enjoy such stuff. When I go to a movie whether its funny or serious or tragic or comic I would like to see depth in the characters, I like to see depth in the story and that’s what gives me a kick when I watch a movie.

Mond Momelo: What makes you laugh the most

Mond Momelo: Which animated character would you like to marry?

Manu: Its hard to say... all Disney princesses are cute. It’s very hard actually... Uh.. I think Jasmine... Who wouldn't say 'Yes' to Jasmine!

Mond Momelo: Your take on the Animation monster blog.

Manu: It’s great! Internet is a great equalizer it’s a good to have its democracy.. since you guys can interact with everybody else in the world . You're just as good as any other students in the world. I think more and more people are visiting the blog, I think its actually befitting people who are submitting to the blog, because they are raising their standards, because they are proud to put their work out there, get comments. For me its great to watch since I love to see developing works, new works from students. I visit once a week.

Mond Momelo: Please share your view about Takshaa and its growth.

Manu: Takshaa is very close to my heart. I give my 100% to the classes that I take. It’s close to me for many reasons. When we started with only 6 students, Raj and me, between the two of us we taught most of the classes.

It was very inspiring because I didn't really know, I didn’t really think it was going to be like this but at the end of the semester when I saw the work from the beginning of the semester it was very touching to see the student had absorbed the principles and had gone up to the next level. I love to come back and see that students have picked up the things that I have not taught them. It feels great to see students apply the principles that I have taught them and when they show it to me and tell me that they've understood what I taught them and applied it in their work. As far as overall Takshaa goes, it’s so incredible to see young minds every semester. I see the plays, it’s so brilliant. What they do and it’s quite inspiring to all of us, everybody in the studio, and me as an artist.

I always found whenever I'm a little down; coming down to Takshaa makes me bright. It’s inspiring to see young people pushing their boundaries, trying to improve. One of the things with Takshaa is we are very selective with the entries but at the same time we don't advertise much and we still get students. Its word of mouth publicity. Students are taking the initiative to say good things about us. That's a good feeling to have. Another positive side of Takshaa is we have managed to hire students and the students are the future of the industry and they are the ones who are going to shape industries in tomorrow's day and age. We realised there was no point in complaining about the animation schools or the industry , and that we had to do something about it, so we went ahead and started Takshaa. most people don't know the calibre of work we produce here, and I hope that they learn more through this blog. Since we get suggestions and ideas from people all over, I think we might expand the module without compromising on quality.

Mond Momelo: What would you say about the Indian animation industry and developing Indian original content?

Manu: India is great! It's an amazing opportunity for artists, animators, entrepreneurs, for students, for everybody. It's an amazing place to be, right now in “animation” in India because of the exciting projects that we are working on. At the end of the day, it's still the content, the story, the character that talks. It doesn't matter whether you are making American content, European Content, African or Indian Content. You still have to tell the story the right way. The only difference is, if you are making a story for India, maybe you use certain types of characters, you take certain liberties that you can’t do with world wide content. But at the end of the day it's still storytelling. My feeling about Indian content is, it's great! Its gonna be great. It’s not great yet. I think more and more young people are getting into this field. You will start to see more and more revolution in this field. And this is something the whole industry is acknowledging.

Mond Momelo: We heard that around 70 new movies are coming out. So many things are happening. Don’t you feel quality may go down?

Manu: You can’t control what other people do. We can only control what we can do. We can't worry about others not going the right way.

You are right. But at the end of the day, the audience is the judge. You can not underestimate your audience. So audience will make sure a good movie works and a bad movie doesn’t work. Of course lot of bad movies might prevent good movies from coming out. But you can’t do anything about it. You have to accept it as a part of the industry.

Mond Momelo: Continuing with the same question, why are Indian studios not thinking beyond mythological stories? Do we lack other concepts?

Manu: You're asking me a very general question. Our mythologies are great no doubt. They are very charming, incredible stories, they're amazing. But I don’t know why people keep telling the same stories, maybe people love it, maybe they're not creative enough, it’s very relative. I don’t know what the real answer is. My suggestion to students: don’t worry about what others are doing. If you don’t like mythological stories, you come up with different stories that you feel are great for Indian audiences.

Mond Momelo: If you hadn't been an animator what would you be?

Manu: I would have just loved drawing from morning to evening. I like sketching from life.

Mond Momelo: What do Indian students lack?

Manu: Energy and passion. Animating’s not a lazy job. It takes a lot of effort, a lot of thought and passion, to be able to be what you want to be. The second thing a student should have is courage. They should be brave. Brave enough to try something and fail, and stick by what they believe if they think it's right.

Mond Momelo: How do you multi-task between animation, business, teaching and family?

Manu: If you throw somebody in the water and they don’t know how to swim, somehow they pick it up; I don’t think it’s an inborn talent. :)

Mond Momelo: We all are aware that motion capture is competing with animation, so what’s your take on that?

Manu: I don’t think it’s really a competition. Thinking that there has to be one winner and one loser is an outdated outlook. It's not like cricket. I feel there can be two winners and two losers. Film making is not a play, that’s why I said at the end of the day story is all that matters. At one point of time 2D was traditional and 3D was novel.

Motion capture is helping a lot in many ways. Something like Gollum could not have been done without motion capture.

Both are good.

Mond Momelo: What do you expect from budding animator as an artist and an employee?

: Energy – hyper energy

Mond Momelo: Your wildest dream?

Manu: 10 days vacation, land on a beach and do absolutely nothing.

Mond Momelo: If given a choice, what would you like to remove or add from the Indian animation industry?

Manu: Not remove but I would like to add. I wish I could have started animating much earlier. I wish we started in 60’s and 70’s. We have all grown up with US animation. Nobody knows what Indian animation is. I wish we had that culture of content creation so that we indians could have benefited from it.

Mond Momelo: What is your next biggest challenge?

Manu: What we have in hand is very daunting. We have in house content, we have Takshaa, we have many dreams, and challenges which we haven't overcome yet. All these are part of one big challenge.

Mond Momelo: Any funny moment you would like to share?

Manu: I always find it funny how scared students are when they come for their orientation. I don’t know, its kinda funny . Their expression you know. When I do orientation and we scan the room, you can see lot of different types of student sout there.

Mond Momelo: How do you get the character out in a character? How do you make the audience love it? And how do you know whether a particular performance or character will work?

Manu: There isn't really a way to be certain. I think what you gotta do is, do the best you can to be sensitive enough to be able to understand what’s going on in the character’s mind. You need to be empathetic enough to invoke the same emotion in the audience's mind as well.

Mond Momelo: Tell us something about Ittina animation studios (IAS)

Manu: It's a grand dream, its great vison for us. We assembled a bunch of the craziest talented artists - who are trying to redefine the way we do animation in India.

Mond Momelo: Anything we missed that you want to emphasize?

Manu: I can only say love what you're doing - doesn’t matter whether you get instant rewards or not. That’s what I want to say. You know, I couldn’t draw when I started in art school; I thought I made a mistake, I think everybody can learn and everybody can be a great animator.

Mond Momelo : Thanks for the chit chat.

Manu: Better luck next time with the scaring thing.

Thanks for all the crew who supported us.

Vinay(ADMIN), Kasana(ADMIN), Roshan, Vedanth, Chandu, Ganesh, Varun, Aparajitha, and everybody who helped us make this happen.

Special thanks to

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Comments plz... :)

Hey guys...
My first post... Blogging.. "finally"...
I'm sure lot of people will be really happy with me today... ;)
Alright., this is not yet a finished work but i would like a few comments and tips from all the experts... :)


Monday, January 21, 2008

Moom v4

Moom v4 is here guys. Fantastic rig. U guys got to check it out. Really fantastic and felxible


Friday, January 18, 2008

Working my way up

hello monsters, my personals animation work.. comments plz ^_^

Monster Cookies.....

hey guys,

i have a been a little busy for some time now, thats why i couldn't post anything new... but now here are some links which are excellent and monstrous in size.

this one has got some excellent tips -

and this one has loads of resources -

i would strongly advise you guys to subscribe to the feeds from these sites.

have fun.
Chintan Shah.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Another miracle from planktoon. These guys r crazy man. Brilliant Concept and animation. woaaah. feels lik 2d is back:)


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WIP - Weight lift

Hi ppl..

This is the WIP of weight lift assignment that i am working on..
please post your valuable comments..



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Deadline - a must watch

t's so familiar... the insanity near a deadline when the creative juices have just refused to flow. Anyone who's lived through the creative crisis at the end of any group project will easily identify with the humour in "The Deadline", which takes that crisis as its theme. The short is funny, and produces a laugh of recognition.

But more than that, although it is CG Animation, it's still Aardman, and faithful to the Aardman look and feel...and humour. One of my favourite parts is the Busy Bee song at the end... just one listen, and it's stuck in my head all day.

watch out for the acting !!! and especially,they'll show how to do lipsync the simplest way possible!

this stuff is classic!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Old man & the sea

Hello there, probably many of you must be knowing about this ....this animation is done by great animator Alexander Petrov...most amazing thing is that, he has done this all just by using his fingertips on a glass surface...i remember seeing all this on this serial named 'Splat' which used to be aired on Discovery while browsing I came across these videos and thought to share with you guys...hope you all will like this... more about the animation and animator on this webpage ...

...and the video ...part 1 & 2

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"wolverine unleashed"

hiii its me again..hehe...this is one off my old story boards with sound effects, i did this for my 3rd sem final assignment....its a fight sequences between wolverine and saber tooth..
Theme: wolverine walks into the backstage of janeth theater where saber tooth is hiding,there they start fighting(kick punch) but finally saber tooth takes control,when he his just about to finish of wolverine...the x men team comes in...

Saturday, January 12, 2008


hello monsters, i came across this article last Monday when i was going through-The Economic Times. i must say Indian animation industry looks very solid.. thought will share it with u all ^_^

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Weight Lift (W.I.P)

Hi Monsters,

This is my W.I.P of the Weight Lift Assignment. Your valuable comments are welcome.


Just a tip

Hey guys,
Here s a small tip on graph editor i just found out. And it works tooo (woahhh. Isnt that gr8). hehe. ok just take a took at these 2 images

Wat we usually do is we keep it flat after using ne atributes. And this results in immediate loss of movement or energy. Hmmm i got a better way of handelling it. Try this

Instead of making it flat immediately, Try to add key and slow in (like the one in image2) .This results in a nice cushion. It really works. Gives extra smoothness ( That doesn't mean u can put any poses and get extra smoothness.hehe). Just kidding. Try it your self and lemme know if u guys are finding any difference.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Grease Pencil

Howdy animation monsters!

I know you guys are enjoying animation but i wanna disturb you guys with something which i found real useful.

Yesterday as i stumbled (thank god i was sitting on my chair) across a Maya script. I am sure some of you monsters are aware of Jason Schlifer (yeah right). Ok ok before i get side tracked... well i came across a nice tool called grease pencil! Pretty awesome tool (in my humble opinion). Do check it out.

ok thats it for now!

happy animating!

Some interesting stuff

Hey Fellows,

U guys need to read this article . Its awesome. And its a fact too. check

Read the 1st article called "why do we animate". Its awesome

And i ve added some new links in MONSTERS section. Go check it out

happy animating

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Thankyou Very Much !


Hey monsters,
I need to make a apology. M really sorry. Not been able to post new stuff from few days. Have been caught up with loads of stuff. Studio,work, Personal stuff and now m doin some animation for 3rd sem vfx guys. Ufffffffffff. Been a hectic week. I promise u guys tht ill participate actively from now onwards. Loads of new stuff comin out for u guys. Just a slight delay. But hey! Look at the bright side. hehe. Thanks for all your support. U guys ve been gr8. Love u all. Keep tht energy in u.

Keep rocking:)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Don't drink and walk up to a bus stop - box & ball interaction animation

Hey partners,

Happy new year 2008. lets get this year all that we dream about in animation :)

Well, this is the next assignment of the ball and box interaction, waiting for your valuable C&Cs :)

There are still a lot of fixes left to work on, but to let you know that i still haven't cleaned up the graph yet. I had to hurry up to submit it for the inhouse competition.

Happy animating...

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Name Game Update!

Well it seems that our Name Game has got lost in the tide of other posts, so i am posting this as an update.

Well monstors! come on! come up with a Name for our monster

here are some of the names suggested:
babuna & bubu
lusa & haba
jet & lee
gunnique & kristie
rockstar & rockford
burppy & ferbu
Aegeus & Perseus
beziero & linearo
rot & tot
blob & chub

comon! lets get it on the road MONSTERS (soundtrack of movie 300 in background)

oh and before i forget!


have fun animating!


hello monsters..hope u all had a great vacation... i came up with a design last week for our blog,had a great time doing it..all my designs r complete hand draw...expect for this one..little bit of photoshop..very little :) check it out..