Friday, January 11, 2008

Weight Lift (W.I.P)

Hi Monsters,

This is my W.I.P of the Weight Lift Assignment. Your valuable comments are welcome.



Harish k said...

beautiful the feel of weight..i think u can add little acting before he picks up the weight..
U know i cant wait to start my classes in takshaa..after seeing u all work so hard..

Prasad said...

hello there...liked your there some jerking movement in the elbow ?...i may be wrong though...else nice...lot's of luck

KASANA said...

Hey nice work chandra.
One thing is hitting very much in eye is the chracter body appeal bafore lifting. as Dhanu said about as he is looking Old man. work on the correction Dhanu gave you.....thn we'll push more.

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

thank you all,

harish - i will add a bit of acting, as Manu has said that there should be some consideration before he actually starts preparing to lift the weight. only that i am not able to think of any action as of now, but will keep trying.

prasad - ya there is a jerk, maybe two or three, i have some problem with the parent constraint as i added it after i was half way through the first pass. i am trying to solve it.

kasana - actually i was trying to make him look tired, but not getting it exactly as i want. have to figure out another pose and gesture i guess!

thanks once again to all!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

and yes, prasad, your blog page has quite a nice design and a good look to it overall. good going. what do you exactly do, i mean where do you work, can we know you better? and we would also like to see your work!


Prasad said...

@ whoami

...are you not able to see my work on my blog ? ...those (animation, 3D art etc.) are buttons, just click them to go to that particular section and you can see my work there...probably the interface is confusing ...he he he...i am working on some new clips...i will upload it soon so that i can get some correction from you guys...

Chintan Shah said...

hey dude,

nice anim. but i have a few pointers for you...

- the first pose silhouette wise can be much much better... especially the legs... they look tweend

- then there is a jerk when a hand contacts the box... i faced the same prob for my assig... just add one or two frames manually in t

- when he bends down the second time... you can over lap the head... i also think u can have a much better antic in there

- and the main thing which you can push way toooo hard is the shoulders... as they generate the energy to lift the weight... i can see some movement... but try n push it.

- and most important thing is too have the reversal arcs on the spine.. refer to the "Survival Kit" (or shall i say our "Bible" ) for that, its got a damn good eg for spine reversal.

- and obviously you need to work on those jerks and final polishing.

thats it from my side. Hope you find at least one thing worthy enuf to work upon. :D

one general note to all fellow monsters would be... if you post a clip kindly mention at what stage are you. Like "Blockin, 1st Pass" etc. also i would request every1 to update the new clips you have done after the corrections... so that everyone can see the final result as well... i guess thats the whole point of this blog. am i right or wrong please let me know... wht do the admins think abt it ???

Chints. :D

(boy, this is one loooonnngggg comment, sorry :)

Unknown said...

well, i donno which level u r in.. so don't panic if u r a fresher and i'm putting it too much for u in this stage :)

First things first...
timing... the part where he pulls weight up is really cool. but overall timing looks a bit loose and lame to me.. u really have to fix this on ur blocking stage if u can, rather than pulling splines:) try to add some difference in timing.. contrast is they key to interesting must be there in poses and timing.. what i think is, if you show the character moving around a lil faster than he's doing now, when he pull the weight with the current timing will add a lot of contrast, thus giving the feel of heavy weight..a ton..well, wotever it is:) check you blocking, try to hit the key poses a little faster than u r doing right now..and slow it out into a neat moving hold..that's the best way to find apt timing..Experiment!!!:) anyone can teach u posing..but timing and spacing is what defines how good an animator you are experiment..!

well, that's most important thing i noticed..and to be fixed first :) if u could put a cleaned up blocking with ur new timing, it'd be really easy to comment ..easy for u to make adjustments too :)

i'm not talking about other issues..once u feel the timing is fine, check the weight on the hips when he takes the hip..always support it on one leg when the other one is moving .. and there's a pop in the whole body i am noticing just before he pull the weight that an FK/IK switching? it needs a good clean up then :)

i think u payed more attention on the weight lifting part.. but the acting before that and the cushion after lifting are also important.. it's ur shot dude!! u have the responsibility to make every part of it look interesting..ur audience don't know ur assignment was weight lifting..they'd just look and empathies with the character..:) give them good acting,good weight, believable animation and interesting timing..u'r a success :)cool! am i talking too much in here...shushhhh... carry on! take time on the stuff, keep it kickass!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

thanks a lot chintan and roshan! i am in the mid of the second pass of this shot. as said earlier, i have got some technical issues which i am trying to solve. the timing and spacing part, i am working on it. and the jerks are solely the problem of parent constraining after finishing blocking. as i don't have enough time to rework the blocking, i am trying to fix it in this stage itself.

thanks a lot for your valuable comments, and don't mind if the comments are too lengthy!