Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Deadline - a must watch

t's so familiar... the insanity near a deadline when the creative juices have just refused to flow. Anyone who's lived through the creative crisis at the end of any group project will easily identify with the humour in "The Deadline", which takes that crisis as its theme. The short is funny, and produces a laugh of recognition.

But more than that, although it is CG Animation, it's still Aardman, and faithful to the Aardman look and feel...and humour. One of my favourite parts is the Busy Bee song at the end... just one listen, and it's stuck in my head all day.

watch out for the acting !!! and especially,they'll show how to do lipsync the simplest way possible!

this stuff is classic!


damncreative said...

i love this short. one of my favs. Check the acting . Brilliant. Simply awesome. No words. It has everything u ever wanted

Prasad said...

true,what you said about the lip-sync...i even read your tutorial about the lip-sync...it works sometime...i mean see many of those Chinese or Japanese cartoons nowadays shown on Indian television...what lip-sync the have !...if you mute the tv it look's like all are saying only one thing...da da da dadad da dadad ...he he he ...but it works fine...even when they are dubbed in Hindi or any regional language they are enjoyed by everybody...ate the end it all comes down to what the BIG BOSS from studio tells us to do...if it's da da dadad da..it's ok...if it's oo aaa iee uuu...it's ok ;-)

Unknown said...

the secret of good lip sync is not getting it realistic, but getting it look 'real'. means, the timing of shapes hitting the exact sounds must be perfect. sometimes, even if u don't have many shapes, once the timing is fine, lip sync works amazingly.