Friday, January 11, 2008

Just a tip

Hey guys,
Here s a small tip on graph editor i just found out. And it works tooo (woahhh. Isnt that gr8). hehe. ok just take a took at these 2 images

Wat we usually do is we keep it flat after using ne atributes. And this results in immediate loss of movement or energy. Hmmm i got a better way of handelling it. Try this

Instead of making it flat immediately, Try to add key and slow in (like the one in image2) .This results in a nice cushion. It really works. Gives extra smoothness ( That doesn't mean u can put any poses and get extra smoothness.hehe). Just kidding. Try it your self and lemme know if u guys are finding any difference.



Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

I have tried this earlier and it works! Thanks Vinay, and keep posting new tips! Cool!

KASANA said...

Hey thnks Vinay.
Thanks for taking out time for this.
But now I am more Hungry..........I need moreeeeeee... :) :) :)

Unknown said...

well, true vinay. a key is always better control than graph unless u r good with breaking tangents without screwing up things..
but as far as i can see, if u have spend more time on cleaning up your blocking with all necessary inbetweens..when you go to spline more, u will 90% have a key where u r slowing things in and out :)

and in many cases, this extra key controls weight when you go spline.. a cleanly done blocking with poses that define arcs, weight-shift and slow in/outs would never let you down or run u crazy while going spline. :)