Saturday, January 31, 2009


hey guys! how's everyone? it's REALLY been quite sometime for me in this blog! lol! and man so many posts!! AWESOME!

well coming to my post, wowowowow!! i LOVED this exercise!! reason one: i dont really play basketball myself (infact i hardly play any outdoor games or sports). so it was quite a challenge to GET into the character of a basketball player and animate this shot! reason two: i discovered how COOL basketball actually is!! seriously! i'm now a fan! michael jordan is a legend!! :D

well so here's my final assignment for the second semester: SPORTS! and this is probably one of those FEW exercises where i've actually stuck to the required time frame! lol! do give in ur C&C.

third semester HERE I COME!! :D

btw i still have to put up the weight lift assignment here! i havent really done justice to it, so once i finish REWORKING on it, i'll put it up! ;)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Free Animation Tutoring

For More info check this Blog

Hello monsters,
My second posting which was to include corrections recommended by you the last time but went into a gimbal lock just prior to submission and couldn't work too much on's what I'm submitting as my final project for the first semester.Eagerly awaiting your corrections and improvements.


Hi Monsters
Five Animation Short Movies has been selected for Academy Award including Presto & Ocktapodi.
Watch these here.





Could find the full version of this short

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hellllo monsters..hehe
I am graduating in a few days..Almost i am done with all the animations,i just have to work on the reel now..feeling kinda off wired tho...but finally after alllll the studies..i am going to become a true artist..BWHAHHEHE!! can i say that...... ^_^
I wont call it work r job because i think its not the right word for our field..hehe..anyways
the last one yr was amazing..studying in takshaa..
i just want to say that thanks for all the C&C's and ideas u guy come up with and made me improve my animation..

From now on i am working more on short films..and we much do some great things together toooo..Monsters ROck!!


This onez a masterpiece.The user has disabled embedding.. So heres the link
Read the comments section if u want to know more about it.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oren Lavie - StopMotion/LiveAction

Hey Guys,

Found this on Carlos Baena's blog. Enjoy!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple n Sweet

Hey monsters
If you guys are subscribing ' Animationxpress' Newsletters than you must have watch this new Britania TVC. Whole project is completed in just 17 days. Great job in given time.
Read more about it.

And here is TVC

Sunday, January 25, 2009

11 Second Dialouge

Hey everybody...Sumit here 3st Sem Anim.
This is my first post..
In this i hv done all the story telling pose. Plz feel free to comment on acting as well as on poses.
Eagerly looking forward for urs response, so that I may improve my work as required.


Friday, January 23, 2009

Quicktime Settings for Demo Reel

Hello monsters...i was blogging and came across this amazing article about quicktime, u can do some amazing stuff with it...check it out
and thanks to Pritish Dogra Wellington, New Zealand for sharing it in his blog..

and i must say it brought down my 100mb file to 9 mb with almost the same quality..AMAZING!! well u can do it tooo...hehehehe!! :)

Open the file with Quicktime. Goto File>Export Now in the save as option, choose "Movie to Quicktime Movie" option from the Pulldown menu next to the "Export" label.

Now click on options, make sure you have followings settings

Click on the "Settings" button under the Video Area. Then copy the settings as shown in the Image below

Similarly do the same for the Sound. Here is the image

That's about it. Just save your file and check out the nice file size now. It should be much smaller than you normally have and with a Good quality.

Sneak Peak "UP"

Man these guys blow me every time. check this out


Thursday, January 22, 2009


HElloooo monsters...long time..hehe...hope everybody is good..

Here is my kinda 1st pass of my last assignment in my last sem T.T and its also the 11sec club dilog for this month..
Check it out monsters...and as always Ur C&C's PLZZzzzz ^_^

7th Feb is the jury and in behalf of all the sem 3 students, i invite everybody for our jury...for ppl who cant come..dont worry we will upload our demo reel here...hahahehe!! :)

Cheers Harish.k ^_^

... Goodbye Animation ...huh, for a while,i mean..


wokay guys, i know i had been absent for a long time in here...

now again back to announce more absence officially... not just from the blog, from animation career for a little while. a few of u know i am on a vacation to do own graphic novel.

everyone, all the best with your assignments and fun stuff.. have fun...animate...

see ya all...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mond momeloooooooooo. Here u come

Ok fellas

Now is the point where we dig in into mond momelo.I am a person who believes in GREAT IDEAS FORM WHEN WE ALL JUST POUR OUR IDES OUT. So Lets play a game.

Lets build MOND MOMELO and give him a character. So u guys just put all ya thoughts out if u were the creator of him.

So come on folks. LETS ROCK


Ballman and Ball Block

Hey everybody...Kanishk here 1st Sem Anim.
My first first WIP upload.
Please feel free to comment and criticise to your hearts content.
Eagerly looking forward to hearing from you so that I may improve my work as required.

planet 51


A thought! what if we invaded a alien planet???

check out this trailer to find the answer

heres something I came across! in youtube! a new upcoming movie from Sony Pictures.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monster rig & animation (2) !

(Click above image 4 video)

Eeloo all ! ...he is in action now ! :) said in last post is the test animation i am doing ...blocking & timing is rough ...yet to work on tail, arcs etc ...shoot whatever you guys feel ...have a great day !

Video Link

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Idiots and Angles

Man .... One more brilliant piece from Bill Plympton . This guys is nuts. I dont ve words for this. Take a look. And fellas my internet will be down for a few days, so will not be available. U guys keep rocking:)

and heres the link to the official site for Idiots and Angles -


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi Monsters,
Have entered in d 11 sec club & trying my luck & my skills in it
Kindly C&C

Hello guys n gals...

This is Udhay but mostly called as ghilli out there.......I guess im the very first vfx artist
entering in your blog. Really happy to get in touch with all of you through this blog.. I would love to be posting some good VFX based techniques and discussing abt new shots n stuff.....

Thanks to Vinay and kasana for letting me in here....

you guys rock. I apprecaite the way you have taken this blog to this heights...

then, lets get started......

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Music is LIFE

Just take a deep breath, put on ya head phones, close ya eyes and listin to this track called

its the 11th track.

Have a good trip fellas:)


Friday, January 9, 2009

Monster rig & animation (1) !

I know that you guys are planning a short or something like that(remember that storyboard by dapoon !) , meanwhile i made a low-poly rig of mond-momelo (hope i got it right) ...also doing a test animation, which i hopefully will post in few days ...just wanted to share with you guys ! ...what say !

short film advice


Found a great article from our great animator(carlos baena). He always posts really interesting articles and links and here is one of it. Advice to make short films by Jim Capobianco who was a Story Artist at Pixar and Director on the Rataouille shortfilm "Your Friend the Rat". Sweet post. U guys got to check it out


dialogue-second pass wip

this is second posting ,give me any comments ,please!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Financial crises

Hey fellas,
This is the most crucial part of our lives. Final crises has been affected everywhere and lots of artists have been loosing jobs all over the globe. Please do read this article by keith lango. Hope everything goes back to normal soon


Sunday, January 4, 2009

Horn ok please

I guess u folks have seen this. I love this piece.Vaibhav kumeresh's creations inspire me a lot to do our own content.Just browse through the gallery and take a look at all his works


Thursday, January 1, 2009


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL YOU MONSTERS!! here's wishing this new year we reach newer heights in our lives and in our career! let's also take monsters to the next level and put indian animation on such a HIGH pedestal that the world sits up and takes notice!! i also pray that this year we dont get to see any terror attacks anywhere in this world! enough of that already! let's drink to that!! hic hic hic! lol :D

p.s. on a personal front, this year is VERY special for me: this is the year when i GRADUATE (both from BFA and Takshaa) AND GET INTO A STABLE JOB!! animation studios HERE I COME!!