Friday, January 9, 2009

dialogue-second pass wip

this is second posting ,give me any comments ,please!


Dapoon said...

hail takaashi!! lol

first of all, welcome to monsters!!! well the dialogue u chose is SUPERRRRRRB!! another tempting piece to animate!!

as far as ur animation is concerned, i already told u abt the acting part (cud be a little snappier though).
but as far as lip sync is concerned, i feel the mouthshapes need more exaggeration! he's shouting right?? so he cant have LITTLE mouthshapes to show the intensity of the throw of the dialogue!

i really liked the jump when he says "what do u want me to do??!"

good going, but needs more work!

and to all who doesnt know takaashi, he's an awesome kickass (literally at that) student animator in takshaa... ALL THE WAY from japan!! and the only japanese he taught me is "kore ijyo chikayorana!!" lol :D

Prasad said...

arigato for the info ! ;) ...u already got some good pointers from dapoon ...according to dialog i guess you need to make the movements more vigorous ...looking forward !