Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ballman and Ball Block

Hey everybody...Kanishk here 1st Sem Anim.
My first first WIP upload.
Please feel free to comment and criticise to your hearts content.
Eagerly looking forward to hearing from you so that I may improve my work as required.


damncreative said...

Hey mr K :). Nice concept and animation too. I kinda liked the first part But i feel the acting could ve been better when he starts interacting with the dog. The story telling is kinda stagnant. I mean u got to build the excitement and the character. Give a ball man a attitude like he's mean and rude and a pushover. Let him be all naughty and a show off when he interacts with the dog. He keeps playing prank and doesnt realise that the dog is alive. And when the dog starts chasing , u get a gr8 contrast and laughter. Its like a typical indian moment. we all see when some mean kid tries so provoke a dog and when the dog chases him. Thats shit funny rite. Wat do u say?

I loved the way he runs. Damn funny. U know instead of making him run straight , let him run haphazardly . It ill be even more funnier. Ne way ur goin gr8. Keep rocking:)

Dapoon said...

yo mr k!! (what's with the k, trying to be an instant ekta kapoor/ karan johar favorite, is it?? lol)

well kanishk, first of all, welcome to monsters!
as far ur work is concerned, i agree completely with vinay. the story does seem a bit stagnant, though it's a nice one with a lot of potential to be ROFL-funny!

i loved the first part, the way he walks. however in the 2nd part, some of the poses really confuse us. like the one where he checks whether the dog is alive or not. the poses dont read. i also think u've stretched that part too much. anyway if it's too late to change it, then leave it as it is.

another pointer i'd like to give is that when the ball is awake, the ballman shud first LOOK at the ball and THEN run. here he runs without even looking at the ball, as if he's got supernatural powers to see what's happening behind him!! lol

also the ball shud first get up, look at the ballman, get an idea of what's goin on, become angry and THEN start chasing him. here he SUDDENLY starts chasing him. so the neat transition is not seen.

well it's comin out pretty decent for a first sem student! but then it does require some more work. keep at it!! ;)

Prasad said...

Good ! ...i always like what you guys do with ball-man ...enjoyed already got some nice pointers ...will be waiting to see updates !

K said...

Hey Vinay,Prasad and Dapoon...thanks for your prompt replies and corrections.
I can't find anything that I could disagree with but I'm a little pressed for time with the submission date drawing close.
In all likelihood I won't be able to incorporate all the changes required but for sure I will keep all your pointers in mind and try not to make the same mistakes as I have done here.

Thanks again for taking out the time to view and comment. :)

G P said...
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