Friday, January 23, 2009

Quicktime Settings for Demo Reel

Hello monsters...i was blogging and came across this amazing article about quicktime, u can do some amazing stuff with it...check it out
and thanks to Pritish Dogra Wellington, New Zealand for sharing it in his blog..

and i must say it brought down my 100mb file to 9 mb with almost the same quality..AMAZING!! well u can do it tooo...hehehehe!! :)

Open the file with Quicktime. Goto File>Export Now in the save as option, choose "Movie to Quicktime Movie" option from the Pulldown menu next to the "Export" label.

Now click on options, make sure you have followings settings

Click on the "Settings" button under the Video Area. Then copy the settings as shown in the Image below

Similarly do the same for the Sound. Here is the image

That's about it. Just save your file and check out the nice file size now. It should be much smaller than you normally have and with a Good quality.


damncreative said...

really use full post harish. Thanx a lot:)

Prasad said...

Great ! ...i have seen this before ...but was never able to find that AAC encoder for sound ...can you help me find that ? ...uncompressed sound is what takes lot of space...

Dapoon said...

hey this is awesome!! thanks a ton bro! :)

Harish k said...

Enjoy Maadi...hehe...
hi prasad if u quick time will be there..
Under sound settings it will be there..
u have format under that change it to will work ^_^

Prasad said...

Wooohoo that worked ! ...about 250 MB sized file reduced to just 21 MB file ! same quality ! ...great, thanks ...but was unable to find that encoder in my editing software ...but this way or that way, it worked and it helps a lot !

Harish k said...

Coool bro Enjoy Maaadi :)