Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hi Monsters,
Have entered in d 11 sec club & trying my luck & my skills in it
Kindly C&C


damncreative said...

hehe nice concept sabya. i love the acting of the guy. but u lose it at the end. I would rather suggest u to block it out real nice with proper posing and storytelling. Dont change any thing. Just pose it properly and make the storytelling clear.

Prasad said...

Nice idea ! ...i too was planning for this dialog ...will be waiting to see your updates...

Dapoon said...

saby paaji, brilliant stuff bro! i lurv the guy's acting, esp the way he gets up from the chair in a cautious way (although i felt it'd look better if he kept shifting his eyes quickly between the scissors and the girl!) and i know u're yet to work on the last part of his acting, as well as that of the girl. however there's one pointer, the fact that u're trying to establish that he's a star here is not quite coming across. i guess u shud try showing his eyes half closed initially, showing he's very callous and used to all this comfort!

but good going bro! keep up the inspiration! :D