Wednesday, January 21, 2009

planet 51


A thought! what if we invaded a alien planet???

check out this trailer to find the answer

heres something I came across! in youtube! a new upcoming movie from Sony Pictures.


Dapoon said...

roflmao :D

one heck of a funny shit!! love that alien dog!! lol

eagerly waiting for this movie!

damncreative said...

lol. nice. I liked the part when he realizes people around. Funny shit. And tht alien dog is shit funny. Lets see how the whole movie is:)

Prasad said...

Great ! ...i really liked how that guy walks ...pretending there is no gravity ...and ya, his realization is funniest thing of all ...and that dog pees acid ! ...i wonder how will be it's poop like ! LOL (excuse me)