Sunday, January 25, 2009

11 Second Dialouge

Hey everybody...Sumit here 3st Sem Anim.
This is my first post..
In this i hv done all the story telling pose. Plz feel free to comment on acting as well as on poses.
Eagerly looking forward for urs response, so that I may improve my work as required.



KASANA said...

Hey Sumit ! Welcome to monsters.
You said these are just story telling poses. It would be great if you show such poses in stepped mode.
Cuase these are just storytelling poses so I can't comment on animation.
Secondly as whole both the character
looks less interesting to me as lower part of both is just locked at one place. you can make thm lil interesting by some movement.
I don't play billiard but I doubt if hold the stick this way....I mean the grip.
while hitting the balls you can make that pose more strong by making him more involved in the shot.
I will not make him look at her in last as it will show more dominance

Dapoon said...

hey sumitji, namashkar! good to see u here buddy!

well coming to ur piece. i quite liked it man! the acting choices seem quite good. i just felt the second time when he says "that's a very heavy word", the pose looked a li'l LESS interesting! maybe u cud work on that, if it's not too late to change things! ;)

and i guess kasana's right abt holding the billiard stick. it does look less natural!

i liked the way he looks at her in the end, thinking "i hope she buys it"! just time it a tad bit better! and i guess u're still yet to work on the expressions.

anyway all in all a good job bro! keep at it!