Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mond momeloooooooooo. Here u come

Ok fellas

Now is the point where we dig in into mond momelo.I am a person who believes in GREAT IDEAS FORM WHEN WE ALL JUST POUR OUR IDES OUT. So Lets play a game.

Lets build MOND MOMELO and give him a character. So u guys just put all ya thoughts out if u were the creator of him.

So come on folks. LETS ROCK



Dapoon said...

like i depicted him in the storyboard, to me this guy comes across as a very likeable monster. he's dumb, gets embarrassed easily and also loses his temper soon when things dont go his way. THAT'S when he roars like a TRUE MONSTER!! :D

so all in all this guy thinks and does actions from the heart. he doesnt have any of those cunning minds with evil schemes brewing... this guy wudnt hurt a fly!

that's it from my side!

let's see how else this character shapes up to be! lol


Chetan Trivedi said...

he comes pretty close to Muttly the dasterdly dog.. if anyone here used to watch that Scooby Do race cartoon..
pardon me for the ignorance.. i havnt seen the storyb

Prasad said... above all add slight clumsiness to it ...but a good-to-heart guy :)

...between you guys check this video at youtube ...see that owl character ...and how it is maintained in all videos ...the idea is simple yet funny ...don't forget to see other videos of that owl, by searching or going trough related-videos ...

Dapoon said...

@ chetan, hi there, thnx for the input! well the storyboard is right here:

not that it's the final thing. just a rough depiction from my personal side!
keep rocking!

damncreative said...

wow thats cool fellas. Its gettin better and better. So next post will be on finalization of mond momelo. Awesome fellas