Friday, January 30, 2009

Hello monsters,
My second posting which was to include corrections recommended by you the last time but went into a gimbal lock just prior to submission and couldn't work too much on's what I'm submitting as my final project for the first semester.Eagerly awaiting your corrections and improvements.


Harish k said...

Hey Kanishk...this is a great ur animation expect for knee pops n some stuff..

*see first the story telling is not great..u need to work on them

*ur animation look like part by part..there no continues in ur characters..

*before u start animating r getting ur concepts...understand one thing...ask urself
who is he??
why is he there??
what he his going to do??

*In animation characterization is very imp..u should hold the character till the end of the gag..this apply s for any animation u do..

*i will tell u one example
the same scene..
think its a forest and the ball man his on a picnic and then he see the ball there same story...can u imagin the different s..

its a whole new acting choice..thing like this will make the different s actually..

*right now the ball man walk in the beginning is not fitting for the rest of the animation...the character is not there..

Anyways that's it for now..and this is good stuff the C&C's i made is to make it look even better..

work hard

Dapoon said...

well yea kanishk, i hafta agree with harish. story telling could've REALLY been better. but no issues, this is only ur first sem! so dont get discouraged. ;)

i loved loved loved the way he walks in the beginning. that's very commendable for someone in the first sem! heck, people dont get a characterised walk cycle right EVEN till the final sem!! lol so it's very commendable and shows a lotta potential in u.

but the second part where he interacts with the dog is where u lose it! animation wise it's weak, and storytelling wise, it's kinda stretched. cuz he's more or less repeating his actions and is at the same spot. so it's sorta stagnant there. and tooooooooo slow (timing wise)! then as soon as the dog wakes up, the pace suddenly snaps up! so u gotta AVOID that! the story telling shud be SINGLE paced!

as far as the technicalities are concerned, yep knee pops are OBVIOUS! i also see a LOT of jerks in the animation! but i can understand that u were racing against time! and as u go on to the subsequent sems, u'll slowly get rid of these issues.

however i must say congratulations for achieving this. but keep working hard harder hardest!! the expectations on u JUST ROSE! ;)

Unknown said...

:) lol! i agree with harish..storytelling..always think something funny,since the overall mood is gag. : i was thinking it would've been much funny when he realize the dog is dead and he give it a kick again..and then it jumps up.. the TAKE can be towards the dog and then he can try to calm it a lil build up for the run action..put in some acting :) run away from scene is a cliche..isn't it?

well, forget it if it's too late for a big change..i'm always late with comments..daymn!

but some stuff u can fix is the weight distribution when he turns at the end before's not smooth in the hims..may be feet action is a lil too flappy.. and yeah, trace the corner of the feet in that close up frames,where he steps on the dog and stops then turn back..the turn back is not smooth if u look at the feet. dog is done nicely... the weight is selling beautiful..

Unknown said...

and don't tell me you r first sem!

K said...

Hey Roshan,Harish and Dapoon, thanks a ton for taking a look at my work and providing detailed feedback so that I may make corrections and understand where I went wrong.Thank you also for your words of encouragement, makes me want to stop playing COD and work more in the coming sem(2). :p