Thursday, January 22, 2009


HElloooo monsters...long time..hehe...hope everybody is good..

Here is my kinda 1st pass of my last assignment in my last sem T.T and its also the 11sec club dilog for this month..
Check it out monsters...and as always Ur C&C's PLZZzzzz ^_^

7th Feb is the jury and in behalf of all the sem 3 students, i invite everybody for our jury...for ppl who cant come..dont worry we will upload our demo reel here...hahahehe!! :)

Cheers Harish.k ^_^


Prasad said...

Greeeat idea ! ...good acting choices ...really liked it ...can't wait to see the completed one ...all the best !

Dapoon said...

u jilters y'all!! lol awesome one bro! i love the acting of the scientist! (btw the screwdriver part in the beginning reminds me of a certain animation i've seen before! ;P lol jus kiddin)

and the way u've used a robot female (that just beeps) instead of an actual human is just downright freaking CLEVER!! u sly *$%#@#$!! lol ;D

as far as pointers are concerned, i think the scientist pushing the chair back while getting up was timed a bit too fast. maybe u cud slow it down a li'l!
also i'm not sure if the scientist KNOWS all this while that the robot is standing behind him. if no, then i think he shud startle a little when he hears her speak, then look at her, then look back at the chest he was fixing and QUICKLY try to close the part that fell off so that the robot doesnt notice. all this while speaking the dialogue.
however if he KNOWS that she's right behind him, then the acting choice works.

i think u're yet to work on the acting of the robot. so no comments on that. as far as the scientist is concerned, it's awesome! i love this rig already!! lol :D

keep at it bro! u're doin gr8!!

Harish k said...

hi thanks guys will show u the update soon :)