Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Simple n Sweet

Hey monsters
If you guys are subscribing ' Animationxpress' Newsletters than you must have watch this new Britania TVC. Whole project is completed in just 17 days. Great job in given time.
Read more about it.

And here is TVC


damncreative said...

woooahh. nice. Really nice job for such a short span of time. Kasana can we know which studio worked on it?

Prasad said...

17 days ! that's brilliant ! ...hey, Vinay it's all in that link he gave ...it was done by Footcandles Pvt. Ltd !

Dapoon said...

SEVENTEEN DAYS??? man that's a very commendable job out there for such a small time period! i can imagine them working their ASSES off! but it's worth all the effort! it's very cute!
thanks for sharing kasana, and thanks for telling us which company did it prasad! :)