Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Weight Lift"

hai gyz..
my sem2 weight lift assignment... This is the time for me to sit n work on the corrections... so will be eagerly waiting for it...(C&C's)

Thank u.


Dapoon said...

hey jeevith, i'm glad u've started posting work... and i'm glad u wanna sit and work on corrections! believe me, u'll go far boy!

well coming to ur work, it's not bad dude. infact glad to see someone picking up ROCKS for a change! lol :D

but hogan is very stiff at places. follow thru, overlaps and antics were missing in quite a few areas, esp when he LIFTS up the rock (the way he holds it). also look out for ur poses, esp at around 0:05 secs onwards. the knee and the foot face different directions. that makes it look broken! just rotate the foot in the direction of the knee.

i think u shud also work on the few steps he takes before finally falling on the ground! they look very pose to pose. in short, it shud look fluid!

also work a bit more on the weight of the rock, u lose it at places. it's all a matter of shifting those keys in the time line... not really a big deal eh?

whew! another long post! damn! well this is all i cud come up with so far! i too have to get on with MY weight lift assignment now. the previous one was BLAH!!

keep "ROCK"ing!!

Prasad said...

Nice nice ...good animation ...i agree with Dapoon, of character being stiff at certain places, i felt this prominently, when he lifts and when he falls luck !

Deepak Arasu said...

Nice, remembers me of Manu's animation. I guess dappon and prasad have given you some detailed comments buddy. Well, just 1 thing, be confident always try and delete the poses and rekey to make things more smoother or work on the graph :]

Deepak said...

fine brother....dapoon and prasad have suggested very wont be wrong to delete animation and rekey it It can have better posses...try it you can do better...

jEEvith said...

well well well... thank u gyz.. i really ve to spend lot of time on dis after seeing the comments(which really good n helps me).....

@dapoon- to be frank i hardly opened graph editor to make it more flex n fluent, n u said they look very pose to pose... u r rite.. thats coz the ending part of it i did it 2 hrs b4 submission:(.. but not a prob.. will surely work on it n post it very soon.. thankx man..

prasad, and the two deepaks.. thank to u too gyz..