Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tapori (hindi dialogue)!!

hey monsters!! what's up?? just done with my 2nd lipsync animation!
damn i just FREAKED out on this one!! right from conceptualization to the end, i loved working on this piece! not too much of a story here... just wanted to show two people talking. i also wanted to do some subtle acting this time. it's also the first ever time i animated a hindi dialogue, so it was an enormous challenge working on it! indian acting is definitely something we shud all try... it's a whole new world of acting choices!!! i really learnt a lot from this! do check it out and pour in ur c&c.

this is also officially my LAST assignment in takshaa! my my, how time flies!! :D

i must take this opportunity to THANK ALL OF YOU for your never ending support. it's only because of you guys i cud improve so far!! really thanks a lot guys! :)

all i'm waiting for now is the ANIMATION JURY on 23rd may! fingers crossed! :D

p.s. btw for those who dont understand the language, lemme translate it.

the first guy,"you know that meena from cheekuwadi?? the other evening she was passing by nautan lane. i asked her right then and there... you wanna marry me??"

the second guy,"what happened next??"

the first guy,"what could happen?? she SLAPPED me with her sandal!!"

they both start laughing!


Sinu Chandrasenan said...

Really cool one dude... love the lip sync... what captured me the most are the expressions and gestures of the guy on the left... amazing hindi ishtyle... keep up the good work! ;D

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

heyyyy! you are one awesome animator! loved it very much, though I see you can do a lot more work on it! great going!

Deepak Arasu said...

I love this one, Nice acting choice dude :] you are the MAN :]

you are getting the character really well.

Now on to the comments:

1. After the guy says "karthi kya sathi" there seems to be a break in the acting, may be I would try getting the cigarette more close to his face to avoid the break. As if he wants to take a drag 1st and then continue talkn.

2. After the main guy says " chappad mara" it would work well if the other guy is a lil more serious and then starts laughing after the main character starts laughing.

3. Not sure which stag you want to call this one, I see this as a detailed blocking? As you have a lot to work on the animation the technical part.

a. overall - work on the arcs

b. Work on the overlaps especially the spin looks too solid.

c. Work on the fingers/eyes and eyelids or to say it simply POLISH :]

4. There seems to be a sound for "chappad" you got to do something about that? am sure u r aware.

5. "hee" when the main character starts to laugh first, I would try bringing the legs a lil more up to get that nice extra exageration.

huh... guess thats all for now...

All the best on your Jury, am sure you will rock:]
I think you might have very less time polishing it, atleast try to work on the arcs and overlaps for the jury.

Prasad said...

Ow ! nice ...sounds like Aamir ! ...right ...loved the work already got some cool tips should be perfect then ...but great, and agree that we should be trying more on hindi dialogs ...lotsaa luck !

Dapoon said...

heyyyyyyyyy thanks a lot guys!! i really am glad u all liked it!

deepak, thanks a million for giving me those detailed corrections... sure will look into them! the sound that occurs when he says "chappal", i thought i'd make it look like the sound he made while he slapped the rock! (i guess it's not working lol!)

but thanks a lot for the comments guys! u all inspire me!! ^_^