Sunday, May 10, 2009

FJORG 2009 demo reel AWESOME!!

guys u hafta get a load of this!! these guys have submitted a reel for FJORG 2009 competition (aka Iron Animator Event ) and it's AWEEEEESOME!! i love the idea and the execution! i'll never wash my eyes again!! :O


Chintan Shah said...

mind blowing stuff... thanks a for sharing man... really really love this unique idea !!!

Dapoon said...

yea man this is the first time i've seen 3D so exaggerated. it so totally reminded me of those extremely exaggerated 2D animations. i suggest u to study this frame by frame... a lot to learn about distortions from this clip! and too with a blake rig?? DAYUMMMM!!!

Prasad said...

Brilliant stuff ! ...poses, interaction, flow, everything is just amazing ...really liked how the guy pulled, stretched, twisted certain animation principles ...ha ha ha was cool to see how he have taken to one level where it's too exaggerated yet made it believable ...thanks ya, Dapoon for pointing such inspirational work !!!

Dapoon said...

no probs prasad!! i'm inspired like hell too!!

anyway here's a note from one of the creators on how they did those SUPER exaggerated moves..

"A lot of the really squash and stretchy stuff was done by breaking the rig where possible (ie. without actually 'breaking' the rig) The Blake rig (by Jason Baskin) is really easy to work with and has some pretty nice stretchy features - particularly in the head - but to really push things I had to grab joints and scale things.

We didn't use motion blur on this... and we certainly didn't keyframe on 1/4s. What you see is just geometry in the scene with the 'speed lines' added in post.

- Lee"

(more updates as they keep comin'!)

damncreative said...

wooow. This is pure creativity . Loved it.perfect example for simplicity and good story telling. Thnx a lot for sharing