Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Motion Capture or Creative Animation?

Hi! Fellow Monsters,

Please follow the link below which leads to Victor Navone's blog where he has written about Motion Capture in Animation getting Oscars and how disturbing it is. It is a debatable issue.



KASANA said...

Good point raised Chandra.
Its really sorry for Animation world.
Animation purely an art and should be treated same way. No way you competeart and technoloy is same category.
If they really conviced with the idea.So I'll suggest to give Oscar for Camera manufacturing companies instead of Cinematography.

damncreative said...

Very true kasana. I dont oppose motion capture. But it shoulnd be under animation category. Whats the point of doin animation if ur doin motion capture. Workin all day with tht captured data with no creativity at all. Its like rotoscoping. the whole fun in animation is lost.