Monday, November 12, 2007

Assignments!!!!!!! arrrrrrr. Wanna try something of ur own?

hey folks,
just wanted to share a small experience. U ve been told wat to animate. U ve been given deadlines. U ve been doin the same old animation from weeks and ur quite not getting it. arrrrrrrrrr frustrating isnt it? So wats the solution. Leave the assignment and start doin something of ya own. yeahhhhh. Thats some cool thing to do right?..... WRONG

Hehe generally our tendency is to animate something wat we want. yes thats true. Thats how u learn .But experimenting before u finish ya homework is bad. Finish ya assignment first. Its the top priority. Then start experimenting. u ill do a better job as u ve done ya assignment and u know wat and wat not to do. One more thing is MAKE YA ASSIGNMENTS INTERESTING. Sometimes u ill be given some tests which r pretty straight forward. So the challenge is to make it interesting and appealing rather than trying out some new stuff. Ther s always time for tht.
Its as good as this. Ur working is a studio and u ve been given a shot. And client wants it in a certain way. U cant start doin it in your own way.
And often u loose ya energy and all ya shots start gettin kinda shitty. So u need to find some stuff to keep u alive all the time. Shawn kelly the GR8 has written a article on " RECHARGING YOUR ANIMATION BATTERIES" . u guys got to read this.

Thats it for now. Keep rocking and never loose hope. Try and try till u suceed. AND WORK SMART