Wednesday, November 14, 2007

killerbean forever

U guys would ve seen a short called KILLERBEAN by JEFF LEW. It was a unique piece. Now he has made a movie out of it. It took him 4 yrs. And he s the only animator who worked on it. Damn.This has to be appreciated



Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Hi All!

yeah Vinay! nice work! he has mentioned on the site that his bank account is empty and all credit cards have maxed out during the period of these 4 years. it is an 85 minute film. he has set an example of pure dedication towards one's work and an inspiration for us all!

KASANA said...

love the dedication of this man. I'll ask if he can give me some.....:)

Unknown said...

mmmhhaaann!!! This is Hillarious :) Jeff's Dedication is great. btw, has anyone seen a clip titled 'The Passenger'?! that guy spend 8 Years working on that short [:)] i wonder if anybody got that video just to take a look?!