Friday, November 9, 2007

Jump test

Hi guys,
I `ve just done the blocking (more or less) of my Jump assignment. Although there`s a lot left to work on like the timing,the poses etc., I thought comments at this level would help a lot. I`m still confused about the ending though. Should I stick to this one or adopt the Wile E Coyote`s (of the roadruner series) popular `hanging in mid air` stint before falling??thx.



KASANA said...

Hey girish.
Happy Diwali dude
looking good in first look. try to vary the timing and time distribution to all action. its looking linear... (check if other also agree on this point.)
when he lands make him sit and leaning forward..... ( like bouncing ball...). now body looking weight less. according to my taste I feel jump should be more high. stint before falling is bit cliche.

Chintan Shah said...

hey girish
as soon as i saw the animation i knew tht it was ur work... didnt even had to look at ur name in the bottom :D

now for the animation...loved ur idea... pretty cool... and a damm good ending... but when tht guy walks upto the edge there is some kind of pause which i cant understand why it is... i mean he is just static for a few frames (cant tell you which one coz there's no frame counter.. which shud put in the playblast)... also i agree with kasana tht the height of the jump can be increased and push the antic pose more just a lil... and when he lands make him lean a lil forward and put him a lil bit down from the pelvis (on y axis after appx 1 frame after touch down) in the end when he is fallin down u can have some rapid actions on his hands & legs coz he's gonna panic and do everything to save his life.

oh btw i love the hand gesture just after he turns around... dats damm sweet and original !!!

U are turning out to be a great animator :D

HAve fun


Girishct said...

hey thx guys...Hiya Kasana,happy Diwali to u too,man..:)and yes I feel the jump seems a bit low and somehow it doesn`t show his effort..and that the body should move forward and lower.I`ll work on those things.
And Chints,thx a lot,man...:).I gotta work on the poses.I wanted the character to look as if he`s scanning the area around the cliff before jumping (that`s y the poses seem to be static when he`s near the edge `coz only his head`s turning in those few frames)but yes that`s not coming I gotta work on that too...and I`d better add the details after he makes the jump...that`d make the character more believable and alive. Take the hand gesture as a salute to u ,bro..:).U rock,man...

But really guys...thanks a lotttt for the comments..I`ll keep those points in mind.keep posting..


Unknown said...

Nice stuff. nice gag also. looks like it's going in the right directions man. but i still feel the jump can be a lot better if u dig a lil more deep in Reversing of arcs in the action. u have the antic..then the jump..when he moves forward in air a lot of things going on with his hands and legs but the body looks rather straight to me. one thing u must keep in mind while doing body-mechanics stuff is the reversal of arcs.. C and s curves of line of action ..adds beauty and force to the whole thing.the animation looks fine but just go back ,watch frame by frame on what's happening to body and hands while he's in air.
. Track your Arcs for hands and legs.
. Watch out for even Timing and get rid of it.
. Find the best arcs and reversals of the line of action.

Ur acting part looks promising . Great job:) waiting to see more.

damncreative said...

Hey girish. U got all the crits u got. Lovely work man. Its comin out really well. And about the ending. U can make it more cartoonish, More like road runner. Just hang him in the air,tries to run and falls down. But its been done too many times. So think of a creative way to achieve the same output.Keep up the good work. Keep posting


Girishct said...

Man,this is great..:).Thanks a lot for the comments guys..thanks Roshan..Vinay.I`ll keep these points in mind.

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

thats some Girish stuff it seems! great blocking dude! u have already got comments from such great budding animators! what else can i say! great work, keep it up! cheers!