Monday, November 5, 2007


Hey guys
Me and kasana were working on the logo yesterday. We came up with some nice characters. This is the initial design after so much filtering. And special thnx to graphic crap for his valuable ideas .Give us reviews and suggestions tht would help us improve the design. Ne way check it out



Unknown said...

looks good. clean it up. color him (orange!?) and add some 'simple' details. great goin :)

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

ya orange! exactly what i thought! keep the spots or marks on the body. looks a bit wicked, A BIT. thats all, i think. mm... cool!

Bharathmv said...

Looks likes he's a real animator...he he looks like us.i like the design but with some clothes he could look really cool. Add some green to the skin with scales being yellowish do put up some variants, so that we will get a clear idea.


Deepak Arasu said...

MMM....Looks good so far, cool doodle :) But i guess the horns r missing, might look complete with that?

damncreative said...

awesome guys. its nice to cu guys involving. thnx for ya comments. Will come up with the update. Till then keep rocking