Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Some more try

Hi Monsters.
I tried few more sketches according to inputs given by Vinay, Roshan n chandu. I was trying some small alteration. please look these and give some inputs. please be explicit while commenting. like which char. you like, why you like or don't like. which part needed to be work out. If you don't like even single design please feel free to comment.
Another thing we have to pick a name for the character also. if you some option please let us know.

Com on monsters. stay active and make it happening...... :)



damncreative said...

Hey kasana. Nice to c more designs. Sorry dude. couldnt sit with u yesterday. was too tired. slept off. But look at the brighter side. MORE DESIGNS. awesome. Ok ill go frm top

1. kinda like the design. But doesnt look like the main guy. Wat say. May be because of the bobble head. But can be workable. Has lot of scope. gr8 work

2. Actaully i like original one. this one is too cute and doesnt give tht essence as the original

3. Liked it. can be workable

4&5 r the almost like the original so no comments.

Seriously gr8 work dude. Really appreciate for taking off time inspite of ur busy schedule. LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN.


damncreative said...

Ah one more thing. Wat happened to tht idea i gave u. wacky monster . Just a jaw and 2 eye balls. ooooppps sorry guys. AM I TALKING ONLY TO KASANA HERE!!!SLAP ME!!!hehe

Actually when me and kasana were designing yesterday i came up with a weird monster just with a jaw and 2 eye balls. wacky stuff. Dunno how its gonna work out. But lets c. We will work on it. Keep ya comments comin and encourage us to take it further

KASANA said...

Don't slap him. we few are talking here atleast..otherwise nobody here. com on guys.
ya thnks Vinay. I tried tht also but its somewht difficult. but this time I'll push more.let c. better we give try before givin up.
Today ll try again.

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

hey kasana!

new designs are good. but the original one seems to be more like the one we need! only thing is that don't let him get fatter! he he he!

one more suggestion is that if others agree to this, we better maintain keeping our monster a bit dumb looking but still brilliant, kinda geeky look! we don't want to make him look ferocious or so (it is not so at the moment, just saying)!

anyways, continue doing this Kasana! good going!

animutant said...

hey kasana....nice designs....i like the way his 2teeths are coming out of his mouth....i agree with chandu on dumb looking but still brilliant monster point..
and kasana can we have a tattoo on our monster..??
...also i have one name for him - "MOND MOMELO". ya i know it sounds a bit crazy, but that's what came to my mind at first look! anyways its just a suggestion!

keep going monsters!


KASANA said...

Ya ll do some work on dumb look. n this name is lookin cool.....MOnd momelo.

Deepak Arasu said...

Cool stuff Kasana. I like the 3rd one with a horn in the head.

will be happy to rig this up :-)

Unknown said...

yeah Mont Momelo sounds nice. i think it's high time we finalized the design part. Wrap it up guys!!