Wednesday, November 21, 2007

victor navone' s thumbnails

Hey folks,
Thumbnails are really really important. Check out this link . It ill help u guys a lot



Unknown said...

True vinay. this is awesome stuff. Thumbnails saves a lot of time in planning you shots...give space to try different acting choices..shows you how the spine curves are gonna work and the contrast is happening..where to concentrate in the whole shot..even,some guys can put in facial expressions too while they do thumbnails..

For me, it's a part of my works. but i can't say i'll do thumbnails for each and every shot. my thumbnails comes for shots which has got some acting stuff. some acting where i get confused wish many acting choices or stuck with no acting choice. and my thumbnails are just for me..sometimes no one on earth might be able to find out which is the head and which is the leg..u know what i mean.. it's just quick scribbles for my own eyes. that's enough guys..but practice it..ur work on computer will be much smooth once u planned it well on paper and get the idea clear in mind. :)