Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Here is few more sketches for the character with expression. still not convinced but feeling very close. please comment and give suggestion.



Unknown said...

Hands!!!! ..btw, is he getting more 'bulky' with each design? :) i really wish to make him wear an white underwear with yellow flower design on it :-P wot say?

Chintan Shah said...

hey guys !!!! looks like i m really late to join this party but hey... the whole blog is coming of really awesome... sweet designs kasana, u rock,

hey guys, let get this guy modelled by some of our modellers.... and then we try and rig it... wat say ????????

Hats off to all of u !!!!

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

cool work Kasana! the older design was good but the character of the new one seems to be better! how about some kinda sheepish smile on his face, i mean can we make him look a bit over smart or as if he has got lots of ideas inside him and is ready to burst anytime! am i clear? what do the other 'lil monsters' think?

KASANA said...

ya Roshan I also realize.....its getting bulky.Underwear with flowers...woooo... we can try... :)

Hey Chints....how are you dude. Nice to see you here.ya it'll b really good to rig it and animate...it llbe great fun.....woooooo...

ya chandu I m gettin wht you mean to...you told me also. surely we ll try to give tht look.... Vinay said to give some dumb look....all these ll add lot to him.

Hey lil monsters keep coming up here and please fill up your profile.

damncreative said...

Hey kasana. I like some the elements.awesome work. But prob is its too bulky. very difficult to handle. And the hand s r not working. I think we should keep the older hands.Lets try to implement the teeth. Lets c how it looks. Ne way. We ill finish it fast and put it up soon.

One more thing. When u posting stuff , dont post frm animation monsters id. post frm ur id. We ill keep the animation monsters only for admin purposes and posts