Friday, November 23, 2007

Its a bad day

Hey fellows,
Today i wanna share something i always experience. I am sure even u guys would ve experienced it. Somedays r real bad, Dunno y. Everything goes down to drain. Ur animation doesnt happen, Ur shots will not be done.Or ur assignment gets screwed up. hmmmm. Y? How to solve this prob .. who the hell knows. hehe.

i personally think takin a break would really help. U would ve done loads of animation from weeks. Or would ve involved in the same. So ur brain is overloaded with tons and tons of data. One day its just blows up. That is the day u feel like u had enough.Well it happened to me yesterday. I was blacked out. Couldn do any thing. Just went home early and slept off. Today feeling fresh. hehe. u just need to switch off and do something else or take rest. Thats the best remedy. Or watch movies,play games.Do what ever u want to divert from animation. Manu Ittina always used to tell us tht growth doesnt happen constantly ,It always has ups and downs. So live with it. Keep ya energies high.Keep rocking.

Thats it for now :)


Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

yeah vinay, i agree with you! also after working for a long time on the same shot or animation, there comes this situation when one cannot think anything more about that shot. taking a break always helps to get better ideas.

another point i would like to say is that especially when we are students, some say that keep working on more than one assignment, try different things and so on. but what i personally think is it would be good to work on multiple ideas only when one gets the basics strong, otherwise there is not point in doing different things at one time that may lead to half-cooked animation.

what do you say other lil monsters?

animutant said...

ya vinay...very rightly said.It happens with me and i think with all of us.So any sort of refreshment is always required to re-charge yourself.Also i would like to add that sometimes when we are upset or say unhappy due to blah blah reasons...We need to take a break to make animation happen otherwise we can't give our 100%....
So keep smiling (",)

Unknown said...

Yep! it's True. We all go through this phase. it's like reaching and impasse. u won't find it interesting to go further a day or two evenif u r more passionate than Walt disney about this field . i think it happens in every field..creative and non creative.. afterall we r all human beings..not machines.. Human brain always need a break..a change ..once u take a nice break, it's much refreshing to get back to where you stoped.

for me break is always a movie or a painting ..sometimes a visit to home or a close friend's home..well, most of the time i do the last one..i'll go to my friend and we'll do talk a lot about all those good and bad things under the sun..usually end up in some crazy concept for a movie or artwork ...and when i come is much easier and life is smooth for a few more weeks!