Monday, November 26, 2007


Please critque . I m in blocking stage . before moving ahead it ll be helpful to get some tips.



Chintan Shah said...

hi kasana... hows u buddy... okie pretty neat blockin... i like some parts pretty much like the second push ( around 5th second) when he comes back again...i like tht hop, i also like the initial struggle... when his legs stagger, but you need to take care of that, as its gonna pop like anything when u open it up, and in the 2nd part... when he turns around and pushes with his back, i wud add leg slides, in his attempt to push the fridge ( its a fridge, right ?? ) as he is gonna generate the power from his calf muscles and if he is not strong enuf ( and also if the floor is slippery ), i wud add leg slides and then in the end... his stuggle with the neck and hands. But hey its lookin good man... waitin to see it opened up... and pls post tht version as well...

also i wud like to suggest to add some funny ending to it... i know we dont want to make all our assignments funny, but hey at least it shud be a little fun to watch it as well ,right ??

keep em coming dude...
neat work :D
All the best,

Chints..... ( i miss farcry sesions :(

Deepak Arasu said...

I could feel this is cooooooooooool...

I think Chints is right and i think i should stress on one part which is the humaor in the end which would finish this animation?

All the best man, waiting to see this completed :-)

damncreative said...

Hey kasana. Gr8 work man. Lot of improvement. Nice. Just re think about the camera. Just zoom in the shot. Now its too wide and loasds of space is gettin wasted. U wouldn want viewers to c wher nothing s gonna happen. U got all the comments from chints. Gr8. Just work on it. And the last part needs more work. I didnt like the way he just struggles with his head and the whole body is still. Just work on tht. Give a funny ending. Thats it for now. Waiting for 1st pass.


Girishct said...

the blocking looks great,Kasana..I guess the few things missing in it (as already mentioned)are the leg slides,a closer view (`coz the angle is too wide for the character) and a conclusion of his attempt...otherwise it`s looking great...hope to see it opened up.


KASANA said...

thnks'll surely help me.
chints- Ya its fridge chints.

Ya let c how it'll com out after opening up.lot of info to put in kasana. ya I had one ending but for tht I got mixed reaction but I'll be stick to tht only.No time.

shiva said...

you can add little tilts to the fridge. it'll just add so much to your animation.

Unknown said...

ok, sorry for the delay..

let's see what i am seeing here..

first of all..nice try kasana..but i wish u tried some different acting choices and tried to make it look unique :)

a few lil flaws.. after touching the fridge, he comes back to old position, i can probably see a jerk in that move..may be u need a few more frames. hope u'll find while cleaning up the breakdowns.

leg sliding..hmm.. wont his body slide down in Y axis while he goes off balance constantly? try the same push on a fridge and find out urself:) well, u gotta add some difference and texture in the timing of the slides too..make it interesting :)

your anticipations look nice:) especially before the push. still, push them stronger without losing the beauty of the pose.

and yeah, i saw someone said something about some movements on the fridge too..will definitely add to the weight ..u can show hw heavy the thing is..

and well.. an unwritten principle of our craft.. it's all about build up and surprise.. u have build up..but..where's the surprise part. when u r giving something that happens in regular life if one guy push a weight and happens..there's nothing worth watching in it.:) As animators..we should be storytellers first ..then we will go clean up the graph..if the story is not good, what's the point of making it look smooth and fluid like?:) u still got time i hope..blocking is the best stage where u can try different acting try it..fix it..then go on to next step :) waiting to see more!

KASANA said...

Thnks Shiva. I just saw your blog. your work is really cool.
And please tell me how you able to post Quick time files on the blog. even the size is large.

Oh really. Its lookin cliche'
can't help it now.( " kasana, lesson to learn)
As story I'll add in last but Manu told to finish the Aasgn. first.
So aftertht only...... :(

and whtever you told about the Animation, surely it'help.
thanks for critques....... :)

shiva said...

i upload my quicktime files onto my website. you'll need to purchase a hosting service for that.

Use the code given from this site in your blog post to embed that quicktime file.