Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Lipsync Idea

A trick recently learned that made my lipsync works 2 times faster. This clip is did..just the lipsync... in 20 minutes from scratch with the new way. It's just simple. only 2 controls of Moom i used to do this lil dialogue. the jaw open/close control and the one used to make narrow/wide mouths ( 'o' and 'E' shapes basically). I do this in linear mode of curves.

The trick is to get take the jaw open/close ctrl, and do one pass through the whole dialogue..just to mark where mouth opens and closes. once you get that right..make sure u get the intensity of the opens and closes right..( just like for M,P,B mouth closes and holds for 2 frames... some sounds of 'A' needs a small cusion after the opening of jaw..etc etc). After u fix that..time for first playblast. check if everything hits on the exact sound and the opens and closes are enough for the intensity of the sound.. remember..we r not thinking about 'oo's and 'Ee's nw.

Step 2 is go in and add those 'o' shapes and 'E' shapes.. same way, make sure the intensity of ur narrows and wides are good. most of the time u can put keys of the narrows and wides on the same keyframes of the Jaw that we can move around keys in timeline/dope sheet much easier. After u r happy with the narrows and wides..go ahead ,another playblast.. this is where u play around with keys,adjusting the timing and adding settles for jaw..

the whole thing won't take more than 20 minutes once u get the idea and as u finish u'll get something almost close to the exact lipsync... the next step is detail..u'll probably find so much time and room to add in minor details with other available controls like 'F',V,G mouths.. animating the tongue..adding emotions etc etc...

Happy animating...

Here's a little clip i did this way.. just open/close and Narrow/wide stuff.. it might look crappy..but u can see if u get something like this in 20 minutes and u have the whole day left to do fine-tune ..u can go Crazy :D



Chintan Shah said...

awesome stuff dude.... thanx a lot for this tut... its a gr8 gr8 help... oh btw can u forward me tht red clr guy rig... the one which i asked abt in the cgtantra forum. my id is "chints84 (at)" ??

but hey thanx for the tut. awesome read.

damncreative said...

Hey roshan. Its awesome man. It would be a gr8 help to others. Ill be putting up a small tut on lip sync with emotion. And ill add this post to the tutorial section called MONSTER DOJO. And I think rohsan just forgot to add one more thing. U need to select all the keys and shift 1 or frames to get the lip sync right. When u actually observe, ur mouth would ve made the shape even before the sound comes out. :). Enjoy guys. And roshan thnx again

Unknown said...

thanx chintan. and vinny..that's true .i left out that part..sorry. i had it in mind to add that at the end when i started like 'hitting every shape on EXACT frames' sorry about that. good that u put in:)

hope it helps. will try to put in more stuff i learned on the way..