Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hey people,
I am back from my art classes. It was simply great. It was like INTO THE WILD and just keep sketching . Will be uploading all my sketches soon. You guys should have heard about audiobooks. If not, then its time. Audiobooks is like a book which is been read for you. By this , we can imagine better . Just plug your headphones and keep doing what ever u wanna do. I just finished JURASSIC PARK audiobook. Woooow, it was better than watching the movie. Its better you imagine it in your own way. Thanks to ROSHAN for introducing this for me. I am just loving it. Why dont u folks give a try on JURASSIC PARK and unleash your imagination. Just goto to google and type JURASSIC PARK AUDIOBOOKS and wolllaaaaa, You can download from there and plug it on. Try it believe it.



Dapoon said...

welcome back dude! nothin much goin around here! glad to know u had a gr8 time there!!! i too enjoyed all those moments of sketching while being all around nature and away from the mad mad city rush!

and dude audiobooks sound AWESOME! esp for someone like me whose reading interest is inversely proportional to the thickness of the book!! lol :D this wud really be a boon for me!! now i can FINALLY be a bookworm!! :D

gotta check it out! thanks for the info bro!

Prasad said...

Sounds cool! ...will try that ...missing those days when i would hear a new story everyday from mom are right about firing the imagination while hearing something ...will definitely give it a try ...thanks !

damncreative said...

give it a try folks. U guys will love it

Unknown said...

ha ha after jurrassic- here's my suggestions

1. Godfather- Mario Puzo
2. Angels and demons -Dan brown
3. prey- Michael Crichton
4. American gods -Neil Gaiman
5. Da vinci code -dan brown
6. the sawshank redemption -stephen king

....there are more... it's gives a lot of space for imagination..i loveitiloveitiloveit.. in 3 months i finished 14 books ..including the huge atlas shrugged and Lord of the rings part 1 :D

well, if u like narrations better, go for sherlok holmes..the geographical narrations and details are superb.