Friday, April 10, 2009

Hola! i am back!

Hey monsters,
Well well well, Guess who s back on track. Sorry folks i know i have always been a bad admin. hehe. I got my internet connection back after a long time. Had to shift to my new place, so had to go through a rough journey of shifting my internet connection. Any way, good to see loads of stuff happening at monsters and some of the new folks from other countries joining in. A BIG HEARTLY WELCOME to all of them.
Its time to take Animationmonsters to the next level , We should have done this a couple of months back when dapoon and others suggested me, but got delayed . Was stuck with some studio work. Any way, I need you guys to give suggestions to improve monsters. So here we go

1. How was your journey through animationmonsters and what do you think about the way its goin?

2. What do you think is missing at monsters?

3. How can we make it more creative, Innovative and Interesting ?

4. What do u see Animationmonsters as

a. Just another animation blog?
b. A place where we artists can share thoughts?
c. A dojo to creating original content and becoming better film makers ?

5. As a monster what would you do to improve this blog?

As i said i think its time to re think about monsters and make it big. I need you guys to suggest what ever you could think of making this blog a better place.



Prasad said...
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Prasad said...

My Bad ! lotsa mistakes above !!!

1.) It is great experience for me ...many talented guys sharing there works and commenting on others, lot to learn and so on ...i still feel lucky i found a place among you monsters !

2.) One thing missing is limited participations, but then this thing happens everywhere ...all monsters should participate equally, show all there stuff, monsters also has given liberty to post other things related to animation, so i guess it will bad to loose a chance to speak and put forward our thoughts !

3.) Certain things i have in mind to make it more interactive is as follows ...firstly, i would like to have some way where i can ask question, we all have some doubts or other, it will be very cool to ask them to each other, posting a small question as a separate thread may not be feasible, so the request ...secondly we can arrange some challenges, contest etc ...these things always boost us guys, especially when we can't think of any idea to animate ...along with many such things, let's also start discussing and working on some original content which will be developed only by us monsters, someday we will make a short and then a feature !!!! ...aiming high is good ! :D

4.) I think both 'b' and 'c' i said above, if we put our heads together we can surely produce something cool ...we really have some great guys among us !

5.) You just roar and i will follow ...anything that i can do !

[swaying my tail with happiness ;)]

damncreative said...

thnx a lot prasad. This will surely help to build a mansion for monsters

Dapoon said...

hey vinay! good to know u and ur internet are back together again! lol :D

well this is a great post, taking feedback! and infact this itself wud be my first suggestion: let's have a dedicated feedback forum where everyone can constantly post what they feel abt the site and how it can be made better and betterer!

i think this blog ROCKS! but as prasad rightly put it, it certainly has less participation now. i mean i see more links and info posted than work. i'm not saying links and info are bad, infact they SHUD be posted regularly, but even work shud be posted just as often! if i go thru the previous posts when monsters was just abt starting, people wud post WORK after WORK!! that was awesome! i kinda miss that now! so i appeal to all to keep posting their WIPs or finished work, no matter how unpolished they seem! it's the only way to become better urselves!

i'd also suggest a "search" option be added which wud make it so much easier to search for past files, instead of clicking on the 'Blog Archive' all the time!

and in the end, how abt we get started with mond momello's animation!! i guess that's what's missing here! lol :D


damncreative said...

thanx for the feedback dapoon, as u said 1st thing which is on the list is mond momello. And will figure about the search bar for the posts. Gr8 feedback, thnx again

Harish k said...

wow cool!!

*only way to bring and involve all the monsters is to some how, we much find a way to send a mail to everybody onces there is a new post on the site..r for that matter anything new thats happening on the site..interview r site update r a new member as joined us.

*There r ADD On for blogs where u can ask a question to the author of the blog and they reply, i think u can use that for asking question and answering here :) thats a great idea put across by prasad.

*and i think we can have voting after every month r 2 choose the best work of the month r the comments given by anyone r even the most active member in the blog..r sooo on :)

*The blog needs a makeover..bwhahehhee!!

* actually to be very frank u can hand pick a few ppl who r active on the blog,as dapoon said..THAT AS TO CHANGE..I am sure everybody will take part ^_^

*My Faculty told me this
"When ppl comment on ur work they r criticizing ur work not U & it is u who is going to benefit in the end"
that changes the entire way of looking into things..Soooo Come On monsters Start Posting ""UR WORK"" BwaHAhahhe!!

Thats it from my side...hmmmmm i will let u know if i come up with anything more vinay..hehhehe!!

Jai Ho
Harish.k :)

damncreative said...

thanks a lot for all the feedback harish. This will definitely help in building Animationmonsters:)