Thursday, April 30, 2009

Safari blocking

hi guys..was working on this for past few days, well i am getting bugged sitting at home so thought to work on some stuff..n well what do u know,it turn out productive ^_^
learnt a few thing from Tom n Jerry(2d is Gold) was analyzing it for few days :P
check it out..
actually the end(gag), i just pulled a fast one..i would be glad if u guys can give me more classic ending with a good impact :) r anything i can change r work on to make it better ^_^
n yet to give expression..
as always i would appreciate ur C&C's


Dapoon said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! LMAO!! dude this is a CLASSIC!! i loved loved LOVED it so far! the build up is awesome! and the pay off is funny as hell! love the idea too! and his walk in the beginning is some kick ass stuff! kinda reminded me of shikari shambu! lol :D

now u wanted suggestions on the ending rite? it's funny as it is, but i guess it'll be even funnier if he ran and hid among the bushes as soon as he hears the tarzan. i'd say make the hunter completely disappear into the bushes. that way the audience will be able to see the tarzan gag (of hitting the tree) without any distractions!

and after tarzan's done with his gag, i.e. after he slides down, make the hunter peep out. that way the audience will be able to concentrate on the hunter without any distractions either. hope u're understanding what i'm trying to point out.

bro u've improved like HELL! this is definitely my fave piece of work from u so far (with goof troops being second). i cant wait to see this opened up!! so HURRY UP HURRYSH!! LOL :D

Prasad said...

He he he ...nice ! ...enjoyed it ...when tarzan enters the scene, you have made the hunter stand almost still, which actually helps to shift eye towards tarzan, but still agreeing with dapoon, i guess you can do something to add more emphasize on both the guys when this particular shot happens... suggestion for the end will be something like this...

...make tarzan land on backside to hunter ...he is probably looking angry and is about to attack the hunter ...hunter moves back ...tarzan sees the gun and hunter sees the tarzan ...both screams and run in opposite ways (cartoony style) ...ok, maybe it sounds cliched sure you will come with something better ...will be waiting !

Deepak Arasu said...

Good experiment, I like the blocking so far as far as animation goes :) Well, regarding the storytelling, the build is nice, may be you can try getting in a few closer shots to make the story more clear. Say an extreme close up of his expressions, a different angle may be about 6 secs the camera angles could change(as u know it takes 3-6 secs for registering a thought) from the top or what ever.
Its not a rule but I follow it and it works for me :)

Then on the ending, what Dapoon said kind of works well. You already have it. so, may be I would change the camera angle.

Would be waiting to see this finished :)

KASANA said...

I'm sure this ll be nice one. Animation wise its looking good. But can't convince myself thought wise.
I mean there should be purpose & reason for any action esp. when its intentional.
I may not be able to see from your perspective but I have few question. Why he is not looking to his right? do you mean he is not expecting anything from there.
He is standing on the rock openly. after that he goes from one bush t another by trying to hide himself. Why I'll do two opposite thought as I'm not confused about my purpose.
When he peeps out of the bush its seems he has noticed something. And when comes out he suddenly become ignorant about that as he completely backing that side.
the way he lose & grabs back his gun, To me its looks fumble more than scared. I think you'd like to act out that.
When tarjan is in air he is pushing himself from hands & chest. So I guess he ll be in C curve before hitting.
Agree with Dapoon & prasad about his stiffness when tarjan enters.

Good Harish. you got more suggestion on story telling thn animation. take this piece to the another level

Harish k said...

thanks guys..
i really appreciate it..

dapoon n prasad thanks for the concepts...i will work it out n see how it turns out..

deepak thanks for the comment,i will definitely work on it as u said..once i add in the expressions..

kasana u have a keen eye for details.hehe..actually all ur questions were spot on...i have to give in few holds and expression changes i think most of it will get fixed there..
and reaction near the bushes its like i still have to work on few thing going to be like some grass shakes in front of him..and then the same happens in the background n then he turns around..
i thing it will be better if animate n show it to u..will fix it n upload it again :)

damncreative said...

woaaaaaaaaah harish this is one of the best piece from you. I loved it...hahaha. Lmao. damn good man. very nicely animated too.loved the 1st walk cycles . reminds me of our good old cartoons.
Ok here are a few things u could try to do. After he jumps on the rock, let him either have a good look all around, like how the deers look when they get signals. They scan the entire range which is visible to them. Or else ther s no point in jumping on the rock right? the purpose is to look beyond .And make him look towards his right too.And when he enters the 1st bust keep the head a lil high, just for him to keep the watch.And when he enters the second bush y is he turning behind suddenly and walking backwards. Did he hear some sound? To make it clear, u can make a small tree bark or a twig to fall. So this makes him alert to turn behind and walk backwards. End is kinda ok.To make it a lil spiced up when he hears the sound let him run towards the busy leaving the gun . or let him be shit scared or crouched down . By crouching down, the tarzan can also been sen clearly. Make him shit scared , let him leave the gun and gasp. see what works for u.

dude this piece is awesome. lovely layout . Did u use any reference for acting and layout?

Harish k said...

thanks brother i will surly spice up the ending..
n the walking back thing actually i had the same idea like something moves and he turns back to checks it out..hehe..
acting ref was mainly Tom n Jerry i was analyzing TnJ for sometime n Mickey mouse, the jumping on the rock scene i added it in the end after i finished the blocking..ended up finding it in mickeys srikar say 2d is really awesome..hehe :p
layout actually when started the animation i had only that bush and the tress..n then added things as i did the animation..n ended up with these..hehe.had a peak in to the illusion of life too..
i will talk with u on Monday bro

Unknown said...

nice work mate!!!! u have an eye for the story! i'm glad to see u didn't just do things for animation's sake ! he he ..wish a slight tweaking, the whole thing will get more funny indeed. had been going through the comments here.. i agree wid dapoon and prasad..the part where hunter goes still is a bit long .. but i didn't quite like the suggestions, both sounds cliche to me :/ think,i'm sure u'll come up with a funny stuff... the sneak has got variations, which is neat! there's a saying in animation -every shot is a continuation from a shot and a to be continued in another . since it's a complete story..forget the end part..but it would be much better if the character can enter the frame from off-screen or behind a rock. a blank frame establishing the wild will give an anticipation for the character to come..thus..audience already loved him..he he .. and tarzan...move him closer and make a lil bigger...that might solve the problem off attention ,evenif u r puttin the hunter on some small action in the foreground. waiting for the next level :) great goin dude... find a fun climax :)

Harish k said...

hey roshan thankx for the comment..i will surly try to find a good climax ^_^
cheers harish.k