Sunday, April 12, 2009


hey guys!! what's up!! been quite a while since i last posted my work eh?? well here's my FIRST OFFICIAL lipsync assignment!! i did the vincent price rap in the MJ song thriller. i just love his voice! and man it was an AWESOME experience working on it! norman ROCKS!!! i dont think i've found ANY rig AS AMAZING AS HIM! although i STILL have to tweak it here and there (esp blake's animation), i enjoyed it from start to finish! do check it out and pour in ur precious C&C. thanks!

p.s. and yes this video is 27 secs long! i guess old habits die hard!! lol ;P


Harish k said...

AGAIN 30 sec,Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong...bwhahehehe!!
i guess AM will have to start 30 sec that u can u can take part..bwhahe!!
awesome stuff man....great dialogue u know picking a good dialogue is very hard and i guess u just found one..

nothing to say about the work...probably one of the best dialogues done is takshaa..great lip syn,actually the dialogue is very slow and creepy i feel that's the best way to do ur first lipsyn..because u will know where the ascents hit..great stuff!!here n there u can still fix it up..hehe..
Good luck

Sinu Chandrasenan said...

Freakin awesome clip dude... just love the expressions, lip sync and poses... and great idea too! Guess ur hard work paid off pretty good. btw whats your name?

Prasad said...

Greatly executed bro ! ...really like the idea ...liked the way you have shown contrast in both the characters ...that suspense buildup ...and that sudden change in 'norman' character ...everything is just great ...again i am amazed by your idea, how you split the same dialog as said by some third guy ...keep going man ! rock !!!

KASANA said...

Super Awesome. First Dialogue. Just more than expected. I've seen you working hard. Thanks for the Inspiration. Keep it up
So now you know what we expect in second when first is like this.

Dapoon said...

woah!! thanks for the comments guys! i'm overwhelmed!! i'm so glad u all liked it! now i'm supercharged up to do another one (which will be my last takshaa assignment!)!!

@ sinu, thanks for ur inspiring comments dude! my name's dapoon. (yea i know pretty uncommon!) and i'm in the final days of my final sem of animation in takshaa! :D

@ kasana, bro u're one of my inspirations! this clip cudnt hv been possible without ur guidance!! so thanks to YOU man! and when u say things like, "next work we're EXPECTING EVEN BETTER", man it makes me charged up, AS WELL AS supernervous! lol :D

@ harish/ prasad, thanks buddies, u guys too have been a constant support to me! wudnt be nothin without ya!!


damncreative said...

hey dapoon, as i said earlier, this is one of the best clip i ve ever seen in takshaa, and m sure ur gonna win tht i pod nano for this. Beautifull story telling. Loved the way u started the story of norman, great build up and great execution, this will surely go to best video at monsters. I would suggest you to just polish blake and go through norman once. keep him crisp and get to the pose with a BAAANG, this would add to the character as he s trying to scare him off and at the end, make norman really gets scared and shaky . This will add contrast.

dude this is my fav piece of work and this has inspired me a lot. No kiddin:)

Dapoon said...

hey thanks a lot bro! u inspire me like TONS!! and i'm just so honoured to know that YOU are inspired from my clip! :)
thanks for liking it so much bro. i'll surely give one more round of polish before submitting it for the demoreel.
and as far as winning the ipod is concerned, i dont really know... but i sure wudnt mind getting it though! lol :D

lets hope the next assignment too comes out just as good! fingers and toes CROSSED! :D

Deepak Arasu said...

Hi Partners long time no C :)

Looks like there r some really cool stuffs happening.

Dapoon Saw ur work, but was able to c it only once. Still cool.... Very nice work. I am happy to see some really good works coming in.

Well, For the comments I hav

1. Guess you will need to polish the timing over all. As right now it looks a little firm. Break the joint and concentrate on the overlaps.

2. I like the story telling but at places especially when there r two guys (at the start) who r scared and the 2nd 1 try's to play a prank on the other. i.e. The part where norman goes off the screen needs to buy time. This part isn't very clear. May be Story wise or the composition wise you could do something?

I just saw it once and am not able to c this again Some F*k up on my browser, so can't really check that up.

Anyways, great going dude. Keeeep Animating...!

Please do check my Blog for two new dialogs ;)

Dapoon said...

hey thanks deepak! appreciate the feedback! sure will look into those issues. btw i loved that norman dialogue in ur blog. very well thought out. great acting choices! however u DO look weird in ur reference video! lol :D