Monday, October 5, 2009

illustrator me

hey guys!! i guess this is where i draw the line (literally that is!)!

i'm unfortunately temporarily having to leave animation owing to circumstances and personal reasons, and am moving onto illustrations. i've even shifted my base from bangalore to delhi!

but ofcourse, i've only stopped animation professionally, but not personally! i'll try my level best to keep doing personal animations, but professionally i can hope to return only once the grass gets greener!

i'd like to thank each and everyone of u from the bottom-most corner of my LIVER (that's way below the heart eh?!) for ur never-ending support and faith in me! guys i really owe u ALL i have become today!! and i'm sure i'll continue getting the same support from u all always!

keep in touch guys... and so will i!! and i am certain that i SHALL RETURN ONE DAY!! (so for now, let's just draw that line with a pencil!). :)



Deepak Arasu said...

Animation has definitely become personal now :)
congrats dapoon on the new assignment, same here, waiting for the grass to get greener some day. But will never ever giveup on animation and I think that's the only thing that makes every animator happy. Glad to hear some words from the heart of your bottom...:D sure will keep in touch:D
All the best dude:)

Unknown said...

nah..i don't like it. u r so good at animation..and so damn passionate of all the ppl i know who does animation..why would you do this?! what you shud do is not sit drawing lines there for long, but draw a deadline for a kick ass demoreel and send it everywhere, inside and outside the country and i'm pretty sure withing a few months, u'll find a place to join.. it's not helping to leave the field while u r about to start a career .. so get back to business.. ( all that matters if u don't love drawing more than anim )

good luck anyways :)

Chandrashekhar Ramprasad said...

Good Luck Dapoon!

sathya said...

All the best dude, and lets hope our animation field gets greener soon.
Good luck cheers !!! :)

Harish k said...

roshan is right....dapooon come back to bangalore..haha..
well All the best bro, but really i would prefer u to come back to animation as soon as possible..

damncreative said...

hey dapoon all the best bro. This is just a journey. "All roads leads to the same ocean". So u ill be back one or the other day. Enjoy

vedanth rajan said...

All da best Dude!!!!

Yo but I WARN U!!!

If u dont return....


happy animating dude