Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Travis UI v1

HI guys
was just giving it a test run, for fun...god this rig is super cool loved it actually..
U can do some crazy BMX bike stunts..
Check it out Guys




damncreative said...

pretty sweet man. I guess u got to work on your timing. Hang time is the most important element. time it out over there cos thats the part where we see all the action happening. And can change camera. Zoom in further, right now the camera is too far .

Dapoon said...

vinay nailed it dude! bte which rig IS that?? and does it come with the bike??? geez that's amazing!

Harish k said...

hi Vinay..thx for the comment bro...but actually..i gave a test run..so that everybody knows how the rig looks n its abilities ^_^ i am not planning to work on it..for now :)
dapoon i have given the link of the rig...check it out..

Prasad said...

Will give it a try !

Khalid said...
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Unknown said...

Hey Dude!!!
Nice man, just 1 suggession dat where u have ur hang time while going up, tighten it a li'l more n spread his body completely (saying spread his legs in full n keep 1 hand on d seat or d handle n d other hand in d air stretched) as he is a stunt man devil n dey showoff doing such stuff, dis will add contast in body gesture n will luk fearless in his act
N when he starts falling, take a li'l while 2 get him back on his seat just b4 his bike touches d ground ( will add a li'l suspense 2 whether he's gonna make it or not)
Just my thout
Rest all works well
G8 going
U rock