Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dead Bird

Hi guys well check it out...let me know what u feel..
i want a little short on my reel...could nt find my dialogues file from ittina...someone deleted it by mistake i guess..everthing else is there expect that file i worked on...bwhahehe!!
life sucks sometime..hehe
well i am still not sure to put my old Dialogue file r not...but i have worked on this new one...i am feeling a little low on energy tho :P
let me know what u feel monsters


damncreative said...

bro what stage is it in? layout for blocking. Cos its looks like its a layout. Cliche poses . u know what i mean

Harish k said...

hi bro..
yeah true..its just the story telling poses :)

Dapoon said...

yo bro! i think i can FEEL the lowness in the energy! lol!!

i agree with vinay that it's a li'l cliche. also i see the right hand moving too much, with the left hand being still most of the time! dont know how this will look in the subsequent passes, but rite now these are my thoughts!

nice story though! :)