Thursday, October 22, 2009


I reworked on the deer gallop i had done before for my reel.. :) give in ur reviews guys would love to here some comments :)


monasan said...

Hey beautiful & completely realtistic rigging and movement !

Prasad said...

Good one Harish ...i remember seeing your first deer animation on your blog !

damncreative said...

hey harish. good one bro. its nice. Have a suggestion though. After he lifts his head and looks up, instead of just truning around and jumping off the scene u can actually add the skid while turning , Like the lion is chasing him and he freaks out, skids with fright while turning and then leaps off. what do u think?

Harish k said...

hey, thx guys i am glad u liked it..
vinay loved that idea bro..just a skid before the take would be sexy..i will try that out bro
actually i have cheated a lot on the file already..i am just afraid even to move a key..hehe..its always better to show the block file for comments...made a mistake..bwhahehe!!but bro will try to fix that in :)

Dapoon said...

huff puff harish wait wait wait!! lemme catch my breath to type a comment!! lol man u're fast! this entire animationmonster page can be called a harish special page!!! lol

coming to the animation, yep i've also seen this in ur blog! i whole heartedly agree with vinay's comments. try it out, it'll add spice to it! i dunno which pass this is, but u mite wanna work a li'l on the part where the deer SUDDENLY looks up. it's a li'l stiff. even the grazing lacks a bit of naturalness. maybe a bit more subtler wud work beautifully!

the leaps look more casual than frightened. i dunno if the deer runs away cuz of danger, or just like that, but if it's the first case, the leap definitely cud use some characterization. just ponder on them!


Harish k said...

bwhahee!! dapoon thx for the comment bro..
bro i am actually facing a problem..when i was clean my curves i deleted my control by mistake..i will try to fix it up...if its possible..