Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bug Sting

hi guys...well just came up with a Very simple concept..actually i had something else in my mind when i animated it..ended up with this..thats what happeneds when u dont plan..bwhahehe!!..take a look Monsters..tell me what u feel :)
n one more thing..
this rig is just awesome..u got to try it out


Unknown said...

... LOL!! great stuff.. nice acting.. this is some 'demoreel' stuff, if u polish it well i'd say. i like everything's prefect till the bug goes in .. then there's a 'FK/IK switch or something on the hand,which is very visible.. the way he grabs his neck can be more snappy.. i'd say be bold and try from the 'realization-of-bug-in-mouth' pose to the 'neck-grab' post in three or four frames ..very snappy-hold kinda style.. that will give a nice contrast to his lazy behavior you established nicely in the early stages... contrast is the key bro.. play around with timing.. a slow beginning and a snappy end is one way of 'phrasing' the whole animation :D just my suggestion :)

Dapoon said...

hahahaha! absolutely fantastic!! i'm not just surprised at the rate u're animating (one piece a day), but also by the great improvement in ur acting and ur ideas!! so first of all, HATS OFF FOR THAT!! keep at it bro! u're sure having a BALL animating day in and day out! ^_^

coming to the clip, it's HILARIOUS!! but it sure can be pushed much much more!! i love the initial acting. all bored and stuff! at this stage i'd suggest u to have the bee enter the screen AFTER he finishes twitching his mouth or whatever that gesture is (like u have between 0:02 and 0:03 secs). cuz right now the attention of the audience shifts to the bee and they cant really read the BRILLIANT mouth twitch!

secondly, the first shoo-away wave cud be better. it's too wavy and a li'l floaty. u cud try changing it to a better shoo-away animation. i think the hand moves a li'l too much. u cud definitely make it subtler. just try it out! also when the bee touches him, u cud animate the face too to shoo it away, cuz sometimes when we're bored, we're too lazy to sho flies away with our hands, so we do it with our face and make that irritated facial expression (as if the fly's gonna read the expression and go away!! lol)!

also i think he realises the bee being in his mouth a li'l too late. it's like stretching a joke that's told to DEATH!! i'd say make him react FASTER!

and as for the neck grabbing thing, i absolutely agree with roshan, WITH an addition that u shud make him QUIVER when he does that take. it'll really make it look better! u can also so well use the space around him, simply by making him turn around and around gasping for air, with maybe one hand reaching out for sumtin and the other on his neck. that MIGHT bring out his suffocation a bit more authentically. and then after he's done with all that, he can collapse like u have here. but then again it's upto u!

but dude this is another masterpieceness!! u're on a ROLL man!! U DA MAN!! :D

Prasad said...

I agree with both Roshan and Dapoon ...i too felt that initial hand gesture lil floaty ...since you are going cartoony way, i to feel end could be more exaggerated ...also might look good with some tight poses with holds ...hope you get what am trying to say ...but good ! ...frankly i liked the way he falls at the end ...looks interesting ! :)

Harish k said...

WOW Cooooool
thx guys i will work on it..
hi dapoon i dont think i am that fast..bwahehehahe!! but still ur words give me energy to work..haheh!!i liked few things u said i will fix it up..
hi roshan...i fixed what u said bro..made it really snappy,its working neat now..i liked it ^_^ i will polish it up...thx for the comments ^_^
prasad u too bro thx for the support :)

JESUS is my Animator. He is animating me said...

Its was given in Ittia test sometime before.....