Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Music

Hi guys...need comments on this one...plz help me out here..tell me what u feel about this...
any suggestion CnC's LET ME KNOW :)



damncreative said...

Bro i loved it man. Liked the acting and the way u have animated it. Beauty. Only thing is i guess the stretch and squash of the head is too much. Thats it. Just polish it frame by frame and work on the facials. it ill be one of your gr8 shots in ya reel. Gr8 goin bro

Dapoon said...

damn damn damn this is turning out BEAUTIFUL!!

one thing i wanna point out at this stage is that when he turns while saying,"u've been focussed so hard...", it seems like he's acting. it's also too slow. i mean i know u're gonna fix up the floatiness in the higher passes, but then i cant help feeling that after he says,"u're all nuts", this is what he's thinking,"ok as per the script, now i have to turn"!! u see what i mean? it seems he's acting, instead of BECOMING the character!!(remember chippy's lectures!! lolz)

i'd suggest u to blend the actions together to make it look natural! make that turn faster, and make him turn AS he's saying,"...SO HARD..." make him turn EXACTLY at that moment!! i guess that might turn out well.

but then bro this is coming out GREAT!!! it'll look FAB on ur reel! i too shall start animating after i settle down in a week or so!! and i wanna see this DONE DANAA DONE DONE!!! :D

Deepak Arasu said...

Hey dude, this getting lovely. I can really see a good improvement from your old works. Great going dude.

Ok now the comments...
1. The lip sync in off at certain places hold the important mouth shapes for sometime.

2. around the time 04 when he lifts the right hand, check the spacing. look like the action isn't smooth. Timing seems to be fine there though.

3. around 06, i had mentioned this before. I am not really convinced on his right hand (wrist and fingers pose). I can C u hav turned it but u will need to turn it more and have a better siluoutte for the hand and finger. I cant draw this at the moment to show u.

4. reduce the head stretch and squash by just 25% of what it is right now.

5.check the eye movements once again overall.

6. Acting wise i just have one comment. It works good with the dialog. but if you see the whole thing he is a little casually irritated at the start and gets angry in the end. you need to get this thing very very clear.
I know this comment is a lil blunt.

anyways, great going.. you will be a one of the great animators...

Harish k said...

hi guys thx for the comments ^_^ well to be honest,i am just happy that i am going toward the right direction,in animating dialogues :)

vinay thx for the comment bro..hehe..i am working on the facials n polishing...will post the finished version soon..

dapoon thx..i fixed it bro..even i felt it was off...i was just too lazy to fix it that time..bwhahhehe!!
n i will be waiting for ur animation..hehe!!

Deepak thx some really good pointer there..will work on it..
n deepak i know u shifted to flash for sometime..but i think u start animating bro,its been longggg...would love to watch it..


Deepak Arasu said...

Dude would love to. I am waiting for a chance to do animation but right now, have been facing a lot of issues with the place where I stay and my F** work (16 hrs/day) and lot more... But I WILL FIND A WAY in a month or two.

Harish k said...

holy shit..okay 16 hr a day,now thats to much work..hehe

Prasad said...

Great work man ! already got bunch of pointers nothing from me ...enjoyed it ! :)

Harish k said...

thx prasad...r u busy these days??? because normally,u would be the first to comment ^_^

Prasad said...

:D Less of 'Busy' More of 'Lazy' Ha Ha Ha HA ....