Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hey people,
After a long time m posting my latest work in here.. Its my first assignment in final sem... Man, Norman really is a kick A$$ rig to work on.. I really enjoyed workin on this assignment(not initially thou), lol..!! In this I used a script, infact very usefull script for animators, about which, was posted in here earlier by prasad..Its ZV parent master n its simply awesome...

Now, comin to my work, m kinda done wid the blocking after messing it up so many times, n having few personnel probs as well.. Here, v were given 3 concepts, outta which v had to select one n show the gearchange in it, I think which i ve done here. N i ve tried to anim MJ's moon walk as well...:D... Dunno howz it come out.!.. u gyz gotto tell me.

So i'l be waiting for ur C&s gyz...

Thank u all,


Harish k said...

hi i like the blocking bro..
few thing i would change is

*in the starting he is looking at his watch..i would remove(that gesture as become too old now)...bwhahahe!!

*start of from the place where he is looking for the bus (2sec)

*n at that point make it like the he working on the cube n looking for the shows that he working on it for a long time he is getting late with his expressions..

*n i think he is off balance when he toss the cube in air...swift the weights properly..

rest is fine i guess

n the gag is very late..make the bus In Out at (13sec)when he is about to finish the moon walk n then rest fellows..

n the moon walk ask dapooon..
he is the one who was moon walking the entire time in takshaa n ittina..bwhahehe!!

its just my suggestions bro

jEEvith said...

hey harish.. thankx bugger..
will definitely try doin wat u said... n ya m waitin for dapoon to comment on moon walk...!!:)
.. neways thank u once again..
will do those changes, n ve planned to open it up n start wid in btwns..

Cheers boy

Dapoon said...

hahaha!! i really like this jeevith! it's a great leap forward from ur previous gearchange assignments! nice poses and clear storytelling.

first thing i want u to make obvious is that THIS particular bus is very important to him and should not at ANY cost be missed! rite now i feel he was just waiting for a city bus. so why was he so pissed if he cud catch another one in moments?? see what i mean?? i say make him a tourist with a HUGE luggage beside him to make things clearer!

i agree with harish abt the watch thing. it's done to DEATH DEATH DEATH. u can start the animation from where harish pointed out. or if u REALLY wanna stay with the "timecheck", make it subtle. what u've done is TOOOO loud!!

the moonwalk (yes i know u were waiting for me to comment on it!!) is really cool!! i'm glad to know u're making him moonwalk instead of the "oh-so-cliche" jump-for-joy acting choice! quite a refreshing change!! :D

i too was exploring the moonwalk when i was animating it, and man, though it looks simple, it's SERIOUSLY got some complicated body mechanics! do study it some more before u add in the in-betweens to make it REALLY believable!

i dunno if it's possible to do it now, but u cud have him push his cap to cover his eyes while moonwalking (like MJ does with the hat). this way u cud make it look more MJ-ish (!!) and also make him NOT see the bus cuz of his covered eyes!

that way u can make it funnier when the boss zooms by him and the he lifts his cap to see the bus gone!! also make the bus zoom by earlier than u have now. and make it zoom faster. like it just goes off in the FLASH of a second!! and after it goes off, the frame shows norman (still eyes covered) standing still in the moonwalk pose (cuz he just realised that it's his bus!). then he quickly removes the cap and ACTUALLY sees it gone...with a HORRIFIED OMG expression!!

phew!! another looooooong comment! jeevith this can turn out to be a REALLY funny piece! MAKE IT ROCK!! i'm really proud to see u improve! keep at it! ;)

@ harish, lol u still remember my moonwalkin' in takshaa and ittina? lemme confess that of all the MJ steps, moonwalk was the ONLY thing i cudnt do! lol :D

Prasad said...

You already got pointers from two great guys ! :) not much from my side

...just what i felt ...near end he is looking at the bus before it arrives, then there is no point why he waits there instead of catching the bus could make him not look at the bus till it's the half-way in the screen ...ya, maybe bus will mask his face during this but you can plan it properly or as suggested above you can make bus move really fast ...

...and finally i think he gives up too fast can make him run behind the bus for a while and then the final expressions ...he is one young energetic boy ...surely can try to chase the bus ...ha ha ha !

...else nice ...good luck !

jEEvith said...

omg... dapoon, nice article... hehehehhe.. jus kiddin..
well i definitely agree wid watever u said... N actually even i had dat idea of cap in the front( according to u "MJing").. lol... will do that as well...neways thanks a lot buddy...
@prasad- i agree wid u as well.. wanna do all these changes, but m running outta time but still, i'l give ma best.. thank u..