Saturday, October 18, 2008


hi guysss...well its the start of sem 3...really speaking i cant believe i am into sem just 3more months...ahhh its been a lOOooonG wait
they have removed pantamine and added ball man dilog again for this sem..check it out and ur C&C's improve it ^_^
Cheers - Harish.k


damncreative said...

Hey harish. Nice try bro. Now ur accenting everything with ur head, Ther aint no CHARACTER or a STORY nor STORY TELLING. Ya may be its a small dig, but u can enhance ya animation w\by havin some kind of story element . Looks weak right now. Especially this kinda diag needs tht crucial story telling. Wat i mean is , when u start the shot get in him the extreme pose according to the situation, by tht audience can read . Lemme know

Harish k said...

hi bro thanks...ya ur right the story is missing...i will try some thing for it...i understood what ur saying..
Thanks Cheers -Harish.k