Tuesday, October 7, 2008


No doubt audience watch any film, play or short by his own will. But while watching any artwork or movie, its not their choice what they look at, and what should be ignore. its an onus on Film maker to direct audience eyes...instead of letting them wander in whole screen...or even out of screen if you lucky to have one hot chick next to you... :)

And as we all know Animator are story-teller..so its becomes more important to us use Visual Elements intelligently.
Here is few element I want to share with you guys.

I'm sure most of will be knowing of this.One of the basic element, Figure of lesser importance in frame goes out of focus from eye.

Our eyes attract more towards the figure, which is comfortable for eyes....Its natural thing.

Do I need to say Anything ?


Any distraction ? No...so do I need to say anything here?

When you don't want to say anything then why the hell you are here Kasana.... >:

Ok..Ok No offence here is another.. :)

See this particular shot in Ratatouille, In whole frame, share of Remy & his brother is almost nil. But still we don't distract from them... no doubt lighting also have his piece of cake.
Cause in whole composition, everything is static except Remy & Co. and our eyes attracts more towards moving objects. Again natural thing...not my fault.

But if the movements are general part of movements & flow then moving object do not distract our eyes but dramatically add to the static objects.So you need to be wise.So have milk & be smart.. :)



Prasad said...

Man Kasana where were you these days ? ...people like me missed all these cool pointers on film making ...and no doubt you are back with a bang !...he he he ...great info there

...just few days back i was watching finding nemo (again) ...in one of that particular shot when nemo is taken to school you can see lot of movements going on there ...i mean there are good chances that you may miss some of movements ...how necessary is then putting such elements ?

damncreative said...

hey kasana, awesome post bro. Love it. I dont to say ne thing more;)

Ratul Sarna said...

great tips here!! Thanx a lot kasana!! WANT MORE OF THESE :)

Mahesh Bisht said...

Dude thanks:)


KASANA said...

Glad. You guys liked it.