Friday, October 24, 2008


hi guys..i have worked on it...well this is kinda of the warm up lesson before we start dialogues..check it out and ur C&C's PlZzzzz..hehe cheers Harish.k ^_^


Prasad said...

hey, i loved what you have done ...that girl character and the other one a coach or something like that maybe ! cool ! about moving his mustache when he talks ? ...i mean it may look nice instead of keeping it still ...what do you say ?

PHILIP said...
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PHILIP said...

Hey there!! Nice work!!! Sorry for for jumping in without an intro.Anything for animation u know.Thats.. some work you've done!!!Keep it up.Would u mind posting with the frame counts next time so that it'd be easier to give comments.
Overall its coming out good.Now, she's holding her bladder, so any broad movements is gonna mess things up.Her turn off-screen or screen left, pointing at the "bathroom" seems to spoil it.Keeping this action subtle should help with the overall character and attitude.So instead of having her turn all the way u can have her still looking towards the coach and just make a snappy tilt as if she's gesturing towards the bathroom off screen.Even before this when she turns towards the coach there seems to be a double turn.. A slow one first followed by a quick second one.Maybe the second one is an antic for the screen left turn but it isn't reading well.I would just remove it entirely.
Head turn on the gal seems to be too linear.Fix it with the spacing.I like the side step she takes.. Thats cute!!
And about the composition i dint notice the gymnastic board or whatever its called.. Either lay it out clear or just remove it.Your characters are good enough to give us the setting.
Now time to work the coach!!lol!! the leg scratch he does... he seem to come out of it in a hurry.Give him some time.. i believe that's a real itch.No.. Seriously.. start the leg scratch a lil early so that he doesn't seem to be in a hurry to deliver the dialogue.After the leg scratch, when he's looking off screen, he does an head shake as if he's annoyed..if tat was the real idea.. u gotta tighten it more or of its the graph.. forget it.Smooth out the action when he's leaning forward on "i told yea" its kinda hitting a wall.The action on "you don't have to ask me" is cool!!!Nice to see u getting emotions out of these characters.
Hope my comments help!! CIAO!!

OH! This turned out to be an huge comment.Bear with it :)

damncreative said...

hey harish rocky as given u everything. lol. But ne way since its ya 1st diag just go with the flow. u ill get it eventually. Always remember wat ever animation u make is because of character s emotions. thst it.


Harish k said...

thanks guys will check on it ^_^