Friday, November 7, 2008

One year

Hey people,

Wooooooooooooooooooooooah. Its been a long time. puuuffff. I was on a vacation for some days. Been to GOKARNA(near GOA). Fantastic place , awesome stretch of beaches. If u guys get a chance plz do go there and freak out, And was busy with someother stuff.

ITS BEEN ONE YEAR FOR ANIMATION MONSTERS. Wooooah. It was lot of fun, and really feels good to meet u all. Its been a wonderfull experience. Seriously, without u guys MONSTERS wouldn ve come this far. A big round of APPLAUSE to u all. U guys are awesome.

Lets take monsters to the next level. Was talking to dapoon for doin one short piece with our mascot(mond momelo) and many more things. So i need lot of support from u guys.Keep animating, and ROCK ON:)



Dapoon said...

yo admin!! CONGRATS ON our 1st ANNIVERSARY!! yea dude, we gotta take monsters to the next level! let's bring on that short film to mark this great event! say what!! ;)

damncreative said...

wooooalllllllllaaaaa. we ill make it:)