Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And these too!



and the latest up trailer on Victor Navone's Blog:



Dapoon said...

woah the new UP trailer is "UP"STANDING!! i can hardly wait for the movie already!! and that too, it being from my FAVE pixar director PETE DOCTER who blew my mind with monsters inc.

as for the rest of the links, i'm eagerly waiting to see Burn-E's short film, although i wish they had done it on M-O, he's SUPER awesome!!
as for killer beans, i had seen it quite a loooong time ago.. wasnt that impressed though! ;)

damncreative said...

Pixar s magic again? hehe. I am just waiting for it. I watched BURN-E. its on youtube. haha. Really funny one. U ill laugh your ass out.