Monday, November 10, 2008

tired walk

hey guys second sem is ROCKING!! having fun animating a FULL body character! lol... well this is my attempt at doing a character walk. i tried "tired walk", and believe me, after doing it, i feel almost the same: TIRED!! lolz, well it was fun doing it... but as u can see there's an issue with the hands... they knock off the knees... if i dont do that, they go thru the geometry of the knees, which i OFCOURSE dont want. so this is the best i cud come up with, although i'm not satisfied, cuz it looks jerky... plz suggest me some methods to overcome that problem AND keep the flow going... thanks!





damncreative said...

dapoooooooooooooooooooooon. haha. Lovely man. I really laughed at it. Felt like me doin it sometimes. Just for fun. hehe. Nice attitude . love it. A lil tips to make it a finished piece. Drag those legs. as if its dead . But keep it at a limit. U can give more hang time at every start of the step. And delay those hands. And feels like its hitting a wall. Smooth it out.

Pure awesomeness!


Harish k said...

hi nice one i feel like even we should have done that..heheh..soo much fun
but as i told u that hand hit the leg i still think u should slow it down a feels like a click...not working for me...but the feel is awesome..i like it :)

Prasad said...

yeah man this is looking great ...i can really feel the heaviness in his walk ...i agree with vinay, if you can drag those legs it will look better...