Thursday, November 13, 2008

tired walk (corrected)

whew! i didnt know the key to avoiding those penetrations was so simple: just move the shoulders up!! lol :D

well thanks for ur corrections guys, this is the "corrected" version of the tired walk... i kinda had to compromise on the rotate X of the shoulders (as u can see in the front view). and vinay i really tried dragging the legs, but then they started snapping! i'll still work on that though! let's see...

c&c plz!





damncreative said...

Its come out nice dude.:). only thing is y is not the spine near stomach area is not moving much. kinda feel disconnected. dont u feel?

Dapoon said...

geez never noticed THAT!! now that u mention it... i DO see some "disconnectivity" happening! shall work on it! thanks!!